Abstract – Rheology of Sol‐Gel Thermal…


ABSTRACTA thermal scanning rigidity monitor was used to follow rheological changes during heating of cowpea flour and starch slurries. The gelantinization temperature of cowpea starch was in the range 67–78°C. For cowpea flour, in addition to starch gelatinization, a shallow plateau was observed. The starch gelatinization onset temperature shifted from 67°C for starch to 72C for 25% cowpea flour that contained 12–15% starch. The modulus (G′) of cowpea gels increased with flour concentration according to a power relationship. Rigidity of the cowpea starch and flour gels decreased at temperatures higher than 78 and 87°C, respectively.

Rheology of Sol‐Gel Thermal Transition in Cowpea Flour and Starch Slurry. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/229989653_Rheology_of_Sol-Gel_Thermal_Transition_in_Cowpea_Flour_and_Starch_Slurry [accessed Dec 28, 2015].