Abstract – Hygroscopic characteristics of unshelled…


The hygroscopic behaviour of unshelled egusi (melon) seeds at several temperatures, representing a wide range of storage and processing conditions, is presented. The de-sorption isotherms were sigmoidal in shape. The Henderson equation was applied and two types of dependence were found. Using vapour pressure data for the egusi and pure water, the net isosteric heat of sorption was calculated and found to decrease with increase in moisture content. Also an expression was found for the ratio of isosteric heat of sorption and latent heat of vaporization of pure water, as a function of moisture content of the crop.

Hygroscopic characteristics of unshelled egusi (melon) seeds. Int. J. Food Sci. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/230049501_Hygroscopic_characteristics_of_unshelled_egusi_melon_seeds_Int_J_Food_Sci [accessed Dec 26, 2015].