Abstract – Ergogenic effect of varied doses of coffee…


Caffeine one of the readily available stimulants consumed daily by more than 80% of the world’s population, making it the most widely consumed drug in history. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of different doses (5, 10 &15 mg.kg(-1)) of caffeine per kilogram body weight on maximal aerobic power of normal young black African (Nigerian) male adults.
Twenty apparently healthy young male adults volunteers, participated. A repeated measure four randomized crossover (counter balanced) double blind design was used in data collection. Subjects engaged in 20 meter shuttle run test (20 MST) one hour post caffeine (5, 10 & 15 mg.kg(-1)) and placebo doses ingestion. Endurance performance index (VO(2) max, run time & number of exercise laps) were measured and recorded.
Repeated measures ANOVA was used to assess the level of significant difference between caffeine doses and placebo dose in VO(2) max, run time and number of exercise laps. The result showed no significant effect of caffeine doses over placebo dose.
It was concluded that caffeine dose of up to 15mg/kg seems not to have any ergogenic effect on maximum aerobic power of young black African male adults.

Ergogenic effect of varied doses of coffee-caffeine on maximal aerobic power of young African subjects (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51060896_Ergogenic_effect_of_varied_doses_of_coffee-caffeine_on_maximal_aerobic_power_of_young_African_subjects [accessed Dec 28, 2015].