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234 UNN Summit,’Empowering The Leaders of Tommorrow’

234th UNN  Summit,’Empowering The Leaders of Tommorrow’


Here is an opportunity to show your Love for DEBATING,ENTREPRENEURSHIP and CULTURE and equally get rewarded for it. How? By participating in the 234UNN Summit organised and sponsored by @The234Project in collaboration with @ANUNSAUNN.
1)Register for free and apply at www.the234project.com/unnsummit
2)Read the instructions and upload a 2-3mins video on Youtube or Vimeo of (1) At least 2 team members speaking in one of the topic available in the debate section of the  above website (2)Any interested entrepreneurial student speaking aboutt his/her business idea (3)Person/grou exhibiting any Art, Craft, Performance etc in line with the Nigerian Culture, and tag #Project234

ENTRY DATE: January 15th-March31st
3)The selected Students/Groups would be notified for the final round of the competition on MAY 5th at the PAA,UNN.
Prizes: Apart from the Prizes advertised, trust me there are other Wonderful prizes, Certificates, and privileges etc to be given. Who knows? That business Idea might just be fully sponsored, amongst other things.
NB: Other students are invited to attend the program. Top UNN/External personalities would be in attendance
Visit the website for more information.
Spread this Information. For more info, contact me on 07037929503
UNNSUMMIT. http://www.the234project.com/unnsummit