2022 Journal Publications III

Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2022




  1. A simple projection method for solving quasimonotone variational inequality problems

C Izuchukwu, Y Shehu, JC Yao

Optimization and Engineering, 1-24


  1. Reflected Iterative Method for Non-Monotone Equilibrium Problems with Applications to Nash-Cournot Equilibrium Models

Y Shehu, L Liu, X Qin, QL Dong

Networks and Spatial Economics 22 (1), 153-180



Y Shehu, X Qin




XP Zhao, LO Jolaoso, Y Shehu, JC Yao




H Rehman, P Kumam, Y Shehu, M Ozdemir, W Kumam



  1. Sustained-Release Glibenclamide-Loaded Solid Lipid Microparticles from Micellar Solutions of Homolipids

PO Nnamani, EC Ibezim, MU Adikwu, AA Attama

Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, 1-11


  1. Gentamicin nanogel films based on Carrageenan-Prosopis africana for improved wound healing

P Nnamani, N Ogechukwu, A Odo, V Abimibola, A Ugwu, E Ibezim, …

Precision Nanomedicine 5 (2), 879-896


  1. Enumeration of carbon and nitrogen contents of water-stable aggregates in layers of topsoils from cultivated and adjacent bush-fallow loamy soils

CB Okebalama, CA Igwe, AO Onunwa

Agro-Science 21 (1), 103-113


  1. Spatial distribution and relative enrichment of some upper-group trace elements in rhizosphere of highly anthropized and rapidly developing tropical environment

A Tyopine, S Obalum, C Igwe, C Okoye

EQA-International Journal of Environmental Quality 49, 19-33


  1. Overlooked Influence of Indian Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Cultivation on Soil Physicochemical Fertility of Humid Tropical Agroecosystems: Lowland Soils

J Kolo, ME Ukabiala, UC Osakwe, JB Parah, K Nyamapfene, SE Obalum, …

West African Journal of Applied Ecology 30 (1), 68-81


  1. Wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities of Ceiba pentendra (l.) Gaertn

M Osifo, SA Ihim, N Ani, CS Nworu, P Akah

Pharmacological Research-Modern Chinese Medicine 3, 100077


  1. Genetic diversity and allelic frequency of antigenic markers in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Nnewi district in Nigeria

MN Ikegbunam, LO Anagu, C Duru, CS Nworu, CO Esimone, …

The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 16 (03), 557-563


  1. Evaluation of the Antidiarrhoeal Activity of the Methanol Pulp Extract and Fractions of Annona muricata Linn (Annonaceae)

AC Igweonu, IE Peter, VC Onyeali, CS Nworu

Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research 6 (6), 974-979


  1. Prevalence of HRP2/3 Gene Deletion in Plasmodium falciparum Parasites in Abuja, Nigeria

C Oreh, C Esimone, C Nworu, K Beshir

International Journal of Infectious Diseases 116, S125-S126


  1. Immunomodulatory activities of Allium sativum L and Piper nigrum L on albino mice

C Modilim, SA Ihim, VC Onyali, M Ikegbunam, M Ugwu, CS Nworu

Trends in Natural Products Research 3 (1), 23-39


  1. Comparison of Placenta Previa and Placenta Accreta Spectrum Disorder Following Previous Cesarean Section between Women with a Short and Normal Interpregnancy Interval

UA Umeh, GU Eleje, JU Onuh, OT Nwankwo, IV Ezeome, LO Ajah, …

Obstetrics and Gynecology International 2022


  1. Performance of some haematological markers of systemic inflammatory response in pre-eclampsia

TU Nwagha, HC Okoye, S Obi, UI Nwagha



  1. Sequestration of Pb(II) onto Phosphate Modified Fibrous Prunus DulcisSeed Shell: Kinetic, Thermodynamic, Isotherm, Desorption and Reusability

CU Ibeji, KG Akpomie, CI Ugwu, BA Agwogie, SA Ogundare, JF Amaku

Journal of Natural Fibers 19 (9), 3439-3452


  1. Dye adsorption of aluminium-and zirconium-based metal organic frameworks with azobenzene dicarboxylate linkers

R Mogale, KG Akpomie, J Conradie, EHG Langner

Journal of Environmental Management 304, 114166


  1. Cellulose derivatives and cellulose-metal-organic frameworks for CO2 adsorption and separation

KA Adegoke, KO Oyedotun, JO Ighalo, JF Amaku, C Olisah, AO Adeola, …

Journal of CO2 Utilization 64, 102163


  1. Aqueous phase adsorption of aromatic organoarsenic compounds: a review

KO Iwuozor, KG Akpomie, J Conradie, KA Adegoke, KO Oyedotun, …

Journal of Water Process Engineering 49, 103059


  1. Adams-Bohart, Yoon-Nelson, and Thomas modeling of the fix-bed continuous column adsorption of amoxicillin onto silver nanoparticle-maize leaf composite

OB Omitola, MN Abonyi, KG Akpomie, FA Dawodu

Applied Water Science 12 (5), 94


  1. Enhanced chromium (VI) removal by Anacardium occidentale stem bark extract-coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes

JF Amaku, SA Ogundare, KG Akpomie, CM Ngwu, J Conradie

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 19 (5), 4421-4434


  1. Kinetic modeling and half-life study on bioremediation of crude oil dispersed by palm bunch enhanced stimulant

MN Abonyi, MC Menkiti, JT Nwabanne, KG Akpomie

Cleaner Chemical Engineering 2, 100031


  1. Pentaclethra macrophyllastem bark extract anchored on functionalized MWCNT-spent molecular sieve nanocomposite for the biosorption of hexavalent chromium

JF Amaku, SA Ogundare, KG Akpomie, J Conradie

International journal of phytoremediation 24 (3), 301-310


  1. Isoreticular aluminium-based metal-organic frameworks with structurally similar organic linkers as highly efficient dye adsorbents

R Mogale, KG Akpomie, J Conradie, EHG Langner

Journal of Molecular Structure 1268, 133648


  1. Utilisation of adsorption as a resource recovery technique for lithium in geothermal water

JO Ighalo, JF Amaku, C Olisah, AO Adeola, KO Iwuozor, KG Akpomie, …

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 120107


  1. Corrosion Inhibition Studies of Metals in Acid Media by Fibrous Plant Biomass Extracts and Density Functional Theory: A Mini-Review

JU Ani, IO Obi, KG Akpomie, SI Eze, G Nwatu

Journal of Natural Fibers 19 (7), 2391-2401


  1. Sequestration of thiazolyl blue tetrazolium bromide and bromophenol blue onto biochar derived from American sycamore leaves

KG Akpomie, J Conradie

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 1-18


  1. Indole derivatives as organic corrosion inhibitors of low carbon steel in HCl medium-experimental and theoretical approach

FK Ojo, IA Adejoro, JA Lori, OE Oyeneyin, KG Akpomie

Chemistry Africa 5 (4), 943-956


  1. Biosorption of cadmium ions from aqueous solution onto alkaline-treated coconut shell powder: kinetics, isotherm, and thermodynamics studies

C Tcheka, D Abia, B Iyedjolbo, KG Akpomie, M Harouna, J Conradie

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-12


  1. Populus nigra leaf-derived biochar: an efficient and reusable low-cost carbon material for the ultrasonic-assisted remediation of oil spill

KG Akpomie, J Conradie

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-13


  1. Advances in the management of radioactive wastes and radionuclide contamination in environmental compartments: a review

AO Adeola, KO Iwuozor, KG Akpomie, KA Adegoke, KO Oyedotun, …

Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 1-27


  1. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil situated around solid waste dumpsite in Awka, Nigeria

CC Aralu, PAC Okoye, KG Akpomie, HO Chukwuemeka‐Okorie, …

Toxin Reviews, 1-10


  1. Removal of bromophenol blue dye from water onto biomass, activated carbon, biochar, polymer, nanoparticle, and composite adsorbents

KG Akpomie, KA Adegoke, KO Oyedotun, JO Ighalo, JF Amaku, C Olisah, …

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-29


  1. Biogenic amine production from processed animal and plant protein-based foods contaminated with Escherichia coli and Enterococcus feacalis

OO Akpomie, BO Ejechi, AM Banach, I Adewuyi, ED Ayobola, …

Journal of Food Science and Technology 59 (12), 4880-4888


  1. Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potentials of some Indigenous Plants in Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria

JC Nnaji, JF Amaku, CM Ngwu, HO Chukwuemeka-Okorie, KG Akpomie, …

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 26 (11), 1733-1741


  1. Alginate/Hyphaene thebaicaFruit Shell Biocomposite as Environmentally Friendly and Low-Cost Biosorbent for Heavy Metals Uptake from Aqueous Solution …

S Menye, C Tcheka, KG Akpomie, M Harouna, J Conradie

Chemistry Africa, 1-16


  1. Multiwalled carbon nanotubes versus metal-organic frameworks: a review of their hexavalent chromium adsorption performance

JF Amaku, C Olisah, AO Adeola, KO Iwuozor, KG Akpomie, J Conradie, …

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 1-23


  1. Batch sorption of vegetable oil from simulated oil-polluted water onto Populus nigra leaf waste

KG Akpomie, J Conradie

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 1-14


  1. Building a national framework for multicentre research and clinical trials: experience from the Nigeria Implementation Science Alliance

JO Olawepo, EE Ezeanolue, A Ekenna, OO Ogunsola, IU Itanyi, …

BMJ Global Health 7 (4), e008241


  1. The coverage of hepatitis B birth dose vaccination in Nigeria: Does the place of delivery matter?

BO Olakunde, DA Adeyinka, OA Olakunde, T Ogundipe, F Oladunni, …

Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 116 (4 …


  1. Achieving HIV epidemic control through integrated community and facility-based strategies: Lessons learnt from ART-surge implementation in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

P Nwaokoro, O Sanwo, O Toyo, U Akpan, E Nwanja, I Elechi, KA Ukpong, …

Plos one 17 (12), e0278946


  1. Coffee Chat: Health Policy and D&I led by Eche Ezeanolue, Erika Crable, and Nadia Sam-Agudu

EE Ezeanolue, E Crable, NA Sam-Agudu

15 th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation


  1. An Introduction to Policy-Focused Dissemination and Implementation Science

E Crable, J Purtle, R Brownson, B McGinty, S Walker, G Aarons, …

15 th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation


  1. The virological consequences of low-level viraemia

BO Olakunde, EE Ezeanolue

The Lancet Global Health 10 (12), e1699-e1700


  1. Patient and health facility attributes associated with retention and virologic suppression in private for-profit health facilities in Nigeria

M Aina, Z Yesufu, A Salisu, E Ezeanolue, C Mensah, P Dakum

AIDS Research and Therapy 19 (1), 1-10


  1. Perceived benefits, challenges, and recommendations for HIV research dissemination and implementation science efforts in Tanzania: Findings from the HIV/AIDS Research Forum …

DF Conserve, S Saini, J Issango, AM Kilale, J Kamwela, L Maboko, …

PLOS Global Public Health 2 (10), e0000952


  1. Geographic variation in missed opportunities for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV among women receiving antenatal care in Nigeria

BO Olakunde, DA Adeyinka, TT Oladele, CD Ndukwe, OA Ijaodola, …

AIDS care, 1-10


  1. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student’sleep patterns, sexual activity, screen use, and food intake: A global survey

P Ellakany, RAA Zuñiga, M El Tantawi, B Brown, NM Aly, O Ezechi, …

Plos one 17 (1), e0262617


  1. Validation of a COVID-19 mental health and wellness survey questionnaire

M El Tantawi, MO Folayan, AL Nguyen, NM Aly, O Ezechi, …

BMC Public Health 22 (1), 1509


  1. COVID‐19, economic problems, and family relationships in eight Middle East and North African countries

M El Tantawi, MO Folayan, NM Aly, B Brown, OC Ezechi, B Uzochukwu, …

Family Relations 71 (3), 865-875


  1. Sex differences in the experience of COVID-19 post-traumatic stress symptoms by adults in South Africa

NP Nzimande, M El Tantawi, RAA Zuñiga, R Opoku-Sarkodie, B Brown, …

BMC psychiatry 22 (1), 238


  1. Did an Intervention Programme Aimed at Strengthening the Maternal and Child Health Services in Nigeria Improve the Completeness of Routine Health Data Within the Health …

B Uzochukwu, T Mirzoev, C Okeke, J Hicks, E Etiaba, U Obi, T Ensor, …

International journal of health policy and management 11 (7), 937-946


  1. Antihypertensive medicine use differs between Ghana and Nigeria

SA Hollingworth, D Ankrah, BSC Uzochukwu, CC Okeke, F Ruiz, …

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 22 (1), 1-9


  1. Are rural pregnant women disadvantaged in accessing intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy in Ebonyi State, Nigeria?

CO Akpa, BN Azuogu, WC Akpa, CD Umeokonkwo, CP Denwigwe, …

Plos one 17 (11), e0269305


  1. An assessment of Nigeria’s health systems response to COVID-19

C Okeke, B Uzochukwu, C Onyedinma, O Onwujekwe

Ghana Medical Journal 56 (3), 74-84


  1. Disability and its determinants among individuals with onchocerciasis in Southeast Nigeria: a crosssectional study.

AE Otache, IL Ezenwosu, EN Ossai, EC Aniwada, SO Abah, …

Pan African Medical Journal 42


  1. Understanding the Cost

BSC Uzochukwu, C Okeke, S Torres-Rueda, C Pearson, E Bergren, …


  1. Health-related quality of life and associated factors among Onchocerciasis patients in southeast Nigeria: A cross-sectional comparative study

AE Otache, IL Ezenwosu, EN Ossai, EC Aniwada, EA Nwobi, …

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 16 (2), e0010182


  1. Global change in hepatitis C virus prevalence and cascade of care between 2015 and 2020: a modelling study

V Liakina, S Blach, NA Terrault, F Tacke, I Gamkrelidze, A Craxi, J Tanaka, …



  1. Assessing the impacts of timing on the health benefits, cost-effectiveness and relative affordability of COVID-19 vaccination programmes in 27 African Countries

Y Liu, CAB Pearson, A Madriz Montero, S Torres-Rueda, E Asfaw, …

medRxiv, 2022.05. 09.22274846


  1. Knowledge and Preventive Practices Against Malaria Among Pregnant Women in Urban and Rural Public Healthcare Facilities in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory

S Esomonu, E Ossai, A Gadzama, M Ashikeni, B Uzochukwu

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 27 (1), 81-81


  1. Newboulasides A and B, two new caffeic acid glycosides from Newbouldia laevis with α-amylase inhibitory activity

O Mbagwu, Akah, Ajaghaku. Ike

Nat. Prod. Res 36 (3), 726-734


  1. Wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities of Ceiba pentendra (L) Gaertn

A Osifo, Ihim, Ani, Nworu

Pharmacol. Res-Modn.Chinese Med. 3


  1. Principles and practice of alternative medicine in Nigeria

A Ndu, Akah, Ofokansi

International journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine 6 (3), 20-26


  1. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analyses of Persea Americana (Lauraceae) Seeds Extract

VN Umeh, UI Olli, PA Akah, JH Okoyeh

The proceedings is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution …


  1. Wound healing and antiinflammatory activities of Ceiba pentendra

A Osifo, Ihim, Ani, Nworu

Pharmacology Res Modern Chinese Medicine 3


  1. Newboulasides A and B………from Newbouldia laevis with a-amylase inhibitory activity

O Mbagwu, Akan, Ajaghaku, Ike

Natural Products Research 36 (3), 726-734


469. Phytochemical Screening, GC-MS and Histological Effects of Methanolic Leaf Extract of Hippocratea Africana (Willd) on the Midgut of Sitophilus zeamais (Motsch)

DE Oboho, AU Nelson, A Edeke, JI Okwor, CA Imakwu, A Akpan, …


470.  Waste to resource recovery: mesoporous adsorbent from orange peel for the removal of trypan blue dye from aqueous solution

NO Eddy, R Garg, R Garg, AO Aikoye, BI Ita

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-19


  1. Biosynthesized silica-based zinc oxide nanocomposites for the sequestration of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions

R Garg, R Garg, NO Eddy, AI Almohana, SF Almojil, MA Khan, SH Hong

Journal of King Saud University-Science 34 (4), 101996


  1. Experimental and quantum chemical studies of synergistic enhancement of the corrosion inhibition efficiency of ethanol extract of Carica papaya peel for aluminum in solution of HCl

NO Eddy, SA Odoemelam, EC Ogoko, RA Ukpe, R Garg, B Anand

Results in Chemistry 4, 100290


  1. Applications of nanomaterials in the oil and gas industry

KF Bou-Hamdan

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Theoretical and experimental studies on photocatalytic removal of methylene blue (MetB) from aqueous solution using oyster shell synthesized CaO nanoparticles (CaONP-O)

NO Eddy, RA Ukpe, P Ameh, R Ogbodo, R Garg, R Garg

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-16


  1. Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials

R Garg, R Garg, NO Eddy

IGI Global


  1. A brief review on fruit and vegetable extracts as corrosion inhibitors in acidic environments of steel in acidic environment.

NO Eddy, UJ Ibok, R Garg, R Garg, A Iqbal, M Amin, F Mustafa, M Egilmez, …

Molecules 27 (229), https:// doi.org/10.3390/molecules270


  1. CaO Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Applications in Water Remediation

NO Eddy, R Garg

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Use of orange peel extract as an inhibitor of stainless steel corrosion during acid washing in a multistage flash desalination plant

SRNOE Nehal A. Barghout, Ahmed El Nemr, B. A. Abd-El-Nabey, H. A. Fetouh

Journal of Applied Electrochemistry


  1. Phyto-Nanofabrication: Plant-Mediated Synthesis of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

I Jahan

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials, 51-76


  1. Polymers and Graphene-Based Materials as Barrier Coatings: A Quick Review on Their Properties and Synthesis Techniques

S Al Hashmi, S Al Zadjali, NS Rajput, M Mohammedture, M Gutierrez, …

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Use of Nanoparticles to Combat COVID-19

A Kumar, A Thakur

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Sub-chronic Oral Toxicity Assessment of Opaeyin in Albino Wistar Rats

U Aletan, NO Eddy, S Adenekan

Nigerian Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 37 (4), 233-240


  1. Complimentary Roles of Fruits and Vegetables as Nutraceuticals

NO Eddy, UC Onyeije

Peach 1 (1.0), 0.9


  1. Corrosion Inhibition Potential of Two Isoxazole Derivatives: Experimental and Theoretical Analyses

KE Essien, EJ Abai


  1. Optimization of gamma-aminobutyric acid in three varieties of germinated brown rice using the rotatable central composite design (RCCD) of the response surface methodology (RSM)

PG Udofia, NO Eddy, PJ Udoudoh


486.Use of Nanoparticles for Environmental Remediation

ABM Gulzar, PB Mazumder

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Innovative and Biocompatible Approaches for Nanomaterial Production and Application: Eco-Friendly Nanoscience

TC Elebiyo, D Rotimi, RM Asaleye, BB Afolabi, BT Atunwa, OS Adeyemi

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials, 1-26


  1. Biomedical Applications of Nanoparticles

RR Suresh, S Sankarlinkam, SR Karuppusami, N Pandiyan, …

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Recent Advances on Nanomaterials for Diagnostic, Treatment, and Prevention of COVID-19

R Vargas-Bernal

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


490.New Advances in Graphene-Based Three-Dimensional Structures: Synthesis and Applications

JCF del Moral, AR Izquierdo, PS Paredes, O Avilés-García, …

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Characterization Tools for Nanomaterials

T Ahuja, D Satyabola, S Manna

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …


  1. Role of Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy

ZA Bhutta, A Kanwal, A Ashar, M Ali, A Mahfooz, MFA Kulyar, M Shoaib, …

Handbook of Research on Green Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials …



AS Fahmi, A Kurniawan

Berajah Journal 2 (2), 293-304


494.Efektifitas Terapi Kognitif Behavior untuk Menurunkan Tingkat Stres Mahasiswa Penerima Beasiswa Tingkat Akhir Dalam Mengerjakan Skripsi

LP Awek, A Kurniawan

Psikostudia: Jurnal Psikologi 11 (4), 603-611


  1. What Makes Patient Loyalty at Adi Husada Kapasari Hospital Surabaya?

RA Geonarso, AW Saputera, A Kurniawan, SH Tjokro

Journal of Health Management Research 1 (1), 8-13


  1. Determinan Protokol Jaga Jarak pada Usia Dewasa berdasarkan Reasoned Action Approach

S Rahmadianti, A Kurniawan

Buletin Riset Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental (BRPKM) 2 (1), 564-572



AV Millenia, A Kurniawan

Berajah Journal 2 (2), 305-314


  1. Kepribadian, motivasi dan kompetensi terhadap kinerja karyawan

ANW Kurniawan, AY Burhanudin, FS Marwati

JURNAL MANAJEMEN 14 (1), 111-118


  1. Hubungan Antara Mental Toughness dengan Kecemasan Kompetitif pada Atlet Bola Basket Profesional

RK Annisa, A Kurniawan

Buletin Riset Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental 2 (1), 107-118


  1. Anode materials for lithium-ion batteries: A review

PU Nzereogu, AD Omah, FI Ezema, EI Iwuoha, AC Nwanya

Applied Surface Science Advances 9, 100233


  1. Influence of transition metal doping on physiochemical and antibacterial properties of ZnONanoparticles: A review

IS Okeke, KK Agwu, AA Ubachukwu, FI Ezema

Applied Surface Science Advances 8, 100227


  1. Graphene oxide enhanced Co3O4/NiO composite electrodes for supercapacitive devices applications

RM Obodo, SM Mbam, HE Nsude, M Ramzan, SC Ezike, I Ahmad, …

Applied Surface Science Advances 9, 100254


  1. The effects of doping and temperature on properties of electrochemically deposited Er3+ doped ZnSe thin films

BCN Obitte, IL Ikhioya, GM Whyte, UK Chime, BA Ezekoye, ABC Ekwealor, …

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RO Ijeh, CO Ugwuoke, EB Ugwu, SO Aisida, FI Ezema

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PO Ike, AC Nwanya, KK Agwu, FI Ezema

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PC Ani, PU Nzereogu, AC Agbogu, FI Ezema, AC Nwanya

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IL Ikhioya, CO Ugwuoke, RM Obodo, DN Okoli, CU Eze, M Maaza, …

Applied Surface Science Advances 9, 100232


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Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 5, 100328


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A Alshoaibi, C Awada, F Ahmed, RM Obodo, M Maaza, FI Ezema

Crystals 12 (6), 874


  1. A Glimpse of Battery Parameters and State-of-the-Art Characterization Techniques

PC Tagbo, OS Okwundu, J Orjiewulu, CO Ugwuoke, CA Okaro, S Ezugwu, …

Solid State Batteries: Design, Challenges and Market Demands, 31-63


  1. Tailoring the Microstructural, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of MgFe2O4Nanoparticles Capped Polyethylene Glycol Through a Bio-Inspired Method

A Batool, SO Aisida, I Rufus, A Mahmood, I Ahmad, T Zhao, FI Ezema

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Energy Storage 4 (5), e347


  1. Peculiar Size Effects in Nanoscaled Systems

M Henini, F Ezema, E Manikandan, J Kennedy, K Bouziane, M Chaker, …



  1. Voltammetric sensors for diverse analysis

AC Nkele, FI Ezema

Voltammetry for Sensing Applications, 103


  1. Cluster-coalesced defects induced by gamma irradiation on pulsed laser deposited VO2 thin films

IG Madiba, BS Khanyile, B Mabakachaba, MC Mbambo, AKH Bashir, …

Materials Today: Proceedings 53, 429-431


  1. Bio-conjugate of magnesium ferrite nanoparticles in aqueous Allium cepaextract for self-heating potency

SO Aisida, A Mahmood, I Ahmad, T Zhao, FI Ezema

Applied Physics A 128, 1-8


525.Effects of Addition of Graphene Oxide on Energy Density of Supercapacitor

IS Okeke, RM Obodo, EO Echeweozo, FI Ezema

Graphene Oxide in Enhancing Energy Storage Devices, 87-101


  1. Lithium Ion Battery (LIBs) Performance Optimization using Graphene Oxide

RM Obodo, HE Nsude, SE Ugwuanyi, DC Iwueke, C Iroegbu, T Mehmood, …

Graphene Oxide in Enhancing Energy Storage Devices, 75-86


  1. Elementary Concept of Graphene Oxide Additive in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

SM Mbam, EE Ugochukwu, SE Ugwuanyi, RM Obodo, AC Nwanya, …

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