2019 Journal Publications VI

Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2019 


1001 – 1200


1001. Evaluation of the possible hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic potentials of the Averrhoa carambola juice extract in female albino rats.

PE Aba, AU Amadi

Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology


1002. Effect of administration of methanol root bark extract of Cussonia arborea on serum lipid profile and oxidative biomarker parameters in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

PE Aba, IU Asuzu

Indian Journal of Animal Research 53 (8), 1006-1013


1003. Experimental correlation between the production parameter and mechanical properties of functional epoxy-cow bone particulate composites

AD Omah, VS Aigbodion, SC Madu, EO Oji, UU Uyor, S Ude

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 101 (9-12 …


1004. Tensile and compressive strength of palm kernel shell particle reinforced polyester composites

ICE Ike-Eze, UO Uyor, VS Aigbodion, AD Omah, SN Ude, …

Materials Research Express 6 (11), 115335


1005. Experimental study on the effects of surface treatment reagents on tensile properties of Banana fiber reinforced polyester composites

ICE Ike-Eze, VS Aigbodion, SN Ude, AD Omah, PO Offor


1006. Strong convergence result for solution of stochastic convex minimization problem generated by generalized random iterative scheme

AU Udom, TE Ugah

Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences


1007. Stochastic approximation result for random variational inequality problem with monotone operator in Hilbert space and its application to optimal control

AU Udom, EO Ossai

Journal of Statistics and Management Systems


1008. Comparative Haematology of Chickens and Turkeys Experimentally Infected with a Velogenic Newcastle Disease Virus

ON Okoroafor, CO Okorie-Kanu, PC Animoke, JOA Okoye, JA Nwanta, …

Nigerian Veterinary Journal 40 (1), 1–18


1009. Ethics In Veterinary Practice In Nigeria: Challenges And The Way-Forward

EO Njoga, OE Ariyo, JA Nwanta

Nigerian Veterinary Journal 40 (1), 73-85


1010. EP21. 22: Livebirth following ultrasound surveillance in a triplet gestation with intrauterine death of two fetuses in a low‐resource setting

EP Ezenkwele, E Atu, E Aneke, HU Ezegwui, C Chigbu, AK Onyebuchi, …

Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology 54, 374-374


1011. Effects of Fractionated Neem Leaf Extract (IRC) on Blood Glucose Level in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats

AC Okpe, EN Shu, KI Nwadike, IJ Udeinya, NI Nubila

Int J Diabetes Clin Res 6, 105


1012. In vitro and In vivo Models for Anti-inflammation: An Evaluative Review

FI Eze, PF Uzor, P Ikechukwu, BC Obi, PO Osadebe

INNOSC Theranostics and Pharmacological Sciences 2 (2), 3-15


1013. Influence of Age, Sex and Body Mass Index on the Levels of Glycosylated Haemoglobin among Non-Diabetic Nigerian Population

CC Ani, CC Ojobor, LUS Ezeanyika, BC Obi

Asian Journal of Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, 1-7


1014. Studies on the anticonvulsant and sedative effects of Jatropha curcas (Euphorbiaceae) and Phragmanthera capitata (Loranthaceae) in mice

BC Obi, Z Igweze, V Nwaogu, C Ben, TC Akunne

Drug Discovery 13, 95-102


1015. Cognitive behaviour language therapy for speech anxiety among stuttering school adolescents

A Nnamani, J Akabogu, MS Otu, E Ukoha, AC Uloh-Bethels, JC Omile, …

Journal of International Medical Research 47 (7), 3109-3114


1016. Efficacy of cognitive behavior language therapy for aphasia following stroke: Implications for language education research

J Akabogu, A Nnamani, MS Otu, E Ukoha, AC Uloh-Bethels, MN Obiezu, …

Medicine 98 (18)


1017. Effects of a language education intervention on social participation among emerging adults with autism

J Akabogu, A Nnamani, MS Otu, AC Uloh-Bethels, E Ukoha, …

Journal of International Medical Research, 0300060519839510


1018. Effect of exposure to business ethics courses on students’ perceptions of the linkage between ethics education and corporate social responsibility

F Okechukwu Ugwuozor, MS Otu

Journal of Education for Business, 1-6


1019. Synthesis, structural and mass spectrometric investigations of pyridinium bis (thiosalicylato) mercurate (II)

W Henderson, JC Thomas, OC Okpareke, ERT Tiekink

Inorganica Chimica Acta 490, 104-111


1020. Coordination compounds of heterocyclic bases: synthesis, characterization, computational and biological studies

AC Ekennia, DC Onwudiwe, AA Osowole, OC Okpareke, OO Olubiyi, …

Research on Chemical Intermediates 45 (3), 1169-1205


1021. [Dicyclohexyl (sulfanylidene)-λ5-phosphanyl] methanol

W Henderson, OC Okpareke, AHS Azizan, ERT Tiekink

Molbank 2019 (3), M1069


1022. Knowledge of hazards associated with urban livestock farming in Southeast Nigeria

AN Asadu, JM Chah, EM Igbokwe


1023. Analysis of social media mainstreaming in E-extension by agricultural development programmes in North Central Zone, Nigeria

PI Ifejika, AN Asadu, DO Enibe, LI Ifejika, AM Sule


1024. Mobilization of domestic resources for economic development financing in Nigeria: does tax matter?

C Kidochukwu Obi, I Ifelunini

Scientific papers of the University of Pardubice. Series D, Faculty of …


1025. “Relational Transformation”: A Grounded Theory of the Processes Clinical Nurse-Educators (CNEs) Use to Assist Students Bridge the Theory-Practice Gap

J Osuji, J Onyiapat, M El-Hussein, P Iheanacho, C Ogbogu, N Ubochi, …

American Journal of Qualitative Research 3 (2), 71-86publications

1026. Utilization of maternal and child health services in Enugu, South East, Nigeria

PU Okpala, CL Okoye, FO Adeyemo, PN Iheanacho, AC Emesonwu, …

International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health 6 (8), 3228publications

1027. Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) and High Redshift Universe

A Eze, RN Eze

Godfrey Okoye University, Enugupublications

1028. Effectiveness of music therapy with relaxation technique on stress management as measured by perceived stress scale

FN Ogba, MO Ede, CN Onyishi, PU Agu, AB Ikechukwu-Ilomuanya, …

Medicine 98 (15)publications

1029. Impact of rational emotive occupational health coaching on work-related stress management among staff of Nigeria police force

BN Nwokeoma, MO Ede, N Nwosu, A Ikechukwu-Illomuanya, FN Ogba, …

Medicine 98 (37)publications

1030. Effectiveness of SPACE Model of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching in Management of Occupational Stress in a Sample of School Administrators in South-East Nigeria

FN Ogba, CN Onyishi, MO Ede, C Ugwuanyi, BN Nwokeoma, …

Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, 1-24publications

1031. Maximizing rice husk waste for Daucus carota production

KP Baiyeri, UP Chukwudi, CA Chizaram, N Aneke

International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture 8 (1 …publications

1032. Growth and yield response of selected improved soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merrill) varieties to varying weeding regimes under a tropical condition

C Ene, A Anyim, U Chukwudi, E Okechukwu, U Ikeogu

Journal of Central European Agriculture 20 (1), 157-178publications

1033. Influence of varying preservation methods on the shelf life and proximate composition of Pleurotus plumonarius (Fr) Quel cultivated on Andropogon gayanus substrate.

N Ogwo, CO Ene, MC Ahaiwe, UP Chukwudi

International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Food Sciences 3 (3 …publications

1034. 7 Sustainable Production of Bioproducts from Wastewater-Grown Microalgae

A Vadiveloo, EG Nwoba, C Ogbonna, P Mehta

Sustainable Downstream Processing of Microalgae for Industrial Application, 165publications

1035. The morphology of proximal tibia geometry amongst the Igbos of South East Nigeria and its implication in total knee replacement

AU Katchy, AU Agu, IT Ikele, E Esom, NJ Nto

Nigerian journal of clinical practice 22 (10), 1423publications

1036. Effect of age, premedical academic performance, and entry bias on students’ performance in final preclinical examination at the University of Nigeria Medical School

NJ Nto, EN Obikili, GE Anyanwu, AU Agu, EA Esom, JO Ezugworie

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy 18 (1), 6publications

1037. Instructional Resource Management for the Implementation of Vocational Education Programme in Secondary Schools in Nigeria

AI Nwabueze, AA Oragwu

Global Journal of Management And Business Researchpublications

1038. Randomized controlled evaluation of the effect of music therapy with cognitive-behavioral therapy on social anxiety symptoms

NT Egenti, MO Ede, EN Nwokenna, T Oforka, BN Nwokeoma, DI Mezieobi, …

Medicine 98 (32)publications

1039. Monitoring and Evaluation on Effective Delivery of Social Studies for Improved Academic Performance

CL Chukwu, DI Mezieobi, BE Uguwanyi, CC Okpoebo

Rev. Eur. Stud. 11, 175publications

1040. Computer-Aided-Instruction (CAI) as an Innovative Method for Optimizing the Quality of Social Studies Lecturers in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions for Quality Teacher Education …

DI Mezieobi, OC Onyeanusi, PN Chukwu, CL Chukwu

Rev. Eur. Stud. 11, 41publications

1041. Journalism Practice in a Country Facing Division Threats: Newspaper Framing of Secession Agitations in Nigeria

SV Okeke, OE Okwumba, GH Ezeah, GV Celestine

Journalism Practicepublications

1042. Human-Machine Communication and the Burden of Reaching Internal Publics: Does Technology Acceptance Model Play a Role?

GH Ezeah, OE Okwumba, GV Celestine, W Joseph

Library Philosophy and Practice, 1-15publications



Skhid 161 (3)publications

1044. Comparative analysis of the chicken IFITM locus by targeted genome sequencing reveals evolution of the locus and positive selection in IFITM1 and IFITM3

I Bassano, SH Ong, M Sanz-Hernandez, M Vinkler, A Kebede, O Hanotte, …

BMC genomics 20 (1), 272publications

1045. Effect of unfavourable storage conditions on the viability of marketed fowl typhoid vaccines: rural area scenario

EB Onuigbo, NC Ejiofor

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences 16 (1), 2934-2946publications

1046. Amoxicillin loaded-sorbitan monostearate–alginate microparticles as mucoadhesive delivery system for anti-microbial therapy

EB Onuigbo, CN Ugwu, EN Ezeibe, IF Mama

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences 16 (1), 2905-2921publications

1047. Effects of B-learning and F2F on college students’ engagement and retention in QBASIC programming

AO Olelewe

Education and Information Technologiespublications

1048. Newspaper coverage of the herdsmen–farmers conflict in central Tiv Land, Benue State, Nigeria

CV Gever, CF Essien

Media, War & Conflict 12 (1), 102-120publications

1049. When solution triggers more conflicts: Frames and tone of media coverage of the anti-open grazing law of Benue State, Nigeria

CV Gever

Media, War & Conflict 12 (4), 468-482publications

1050. Social media as tools for political views expressed in the visuals Shared among social media users

CJ Ugwuanyi, II Olijo, GV Celestine

Library Philosophy and Practice, 0_1-29publications


GV Celestine

Рекомендовано до друку на засіданні Вченої ради Історкио-філософського …publications

1052. Synchronous versus asynchronous e-learning in teaching word processing: An experimental approach

CG Ogbonna, NE Ibezim, CA Obi

South African Journal of Education 39 (2)publications

1053. Biodegradability and kinetic studies on biomethane production from okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) waste

SN Ugwu, CC Enweremadu

South African Journal of Science 115 (7-8), 1-5publications

1054. Current and potential capabilities of UAS for crop water productivity in precision agriculture

GI Ezenne, L Jupp, SK Mantel, JL Tanner

Agricultural water management 218, 158-164publications

1055. Evaluation of Remote-Sensing based Estimates of Actual Evapotranspiration over (Diverse Shape and Sized) Palmiet Wetlands

P Ramatsabana, J Tanner, S Mantel, A Palmer, G Ezennepublications


GO Okoro

Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal 21 (3), 1-6publications

1057. Physical-hydraulic properties of tropical sandy-loam soil in response to rice-husk dust and cattle dung amendments and surface mulching

GI Ezenne, SE Obalum, J Tanner

Hydrological Sciences Journal 64 (14), 1746-1754publications

1058. Gas Flaring and Crude Oil Contaminants as Modifiers of Blood Pressure in Delta State

DO Ogbeide, RN Ativie, AO Naiho, JC Igweh, OM Odigie

Asian Journal of Cardiology Research, 1-9publications

1059. Knowledge and Perception of Physiotherapy among Clinical Students in Various Health Care Disciplines of a Nigerian College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

EM Anieto, R Ativie, CJ Okafor, J Agono, V Onah, U Ogu, IB Nwadilibe, …

Indian Journal of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy 13 (3)publications

1060. Relationship between Selected Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases and the Quality of Life

RN Ativie, UE Onah

Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation 7 (3), 106-119publications

1061. Comparative study of six-month and eight-month treatment of new smear positive tuberculosis cases at a tertiary health facility in Enugu, South-Eastern Nigeria

BI Omotowo, I Itanyi, EO Ndibuagu, CC Agunwa, IE Obi, AC Idoko, …

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 24 (2), 78publications

1062. A Critical Appraisal of Employee Work Life Balance among Deposit Money Banks in Enugu State, Nigeria

VA Onodugo, BI Chukwu, NE Anyadiegwu, SO Ilo, CN Anioke

Journal of Reviews on Global Economics 8, 1179-1189publications

1063. Does Adoption of Six-Sigma Moderate Employees Involvement in Organizational Process: Evidence From Nigeria

EK Agbaeze, OI Godwin, GO Ekoja, J Obamen, BI Chukwu

Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciencespublications

1064. Response of gait output and handgrip strength to changes in body fat mass in pre-and postmenopausal women

S Ibeneme, C Ezeigwe, GC Ibeneme, A Ezuma, I Okoye, JM Nwankwo

Current Therapeutic Research 90, 92-98publications


II Chinwe, UI Kingsley, EI Blessingpublications

1066. ultrasonographic evaluation of Doppler indices of the opthalmic artery in patients with glaucoma and normal subjects in university of nigeria teaching hospital enugu

I Nnabuenyi, C Ibewuike, S Mgbor, K Agwuna, N Uche, G Iheme

European Congress of Radiology 2019publications

1067. Patient safety awareness among 309 surgeons in Enugu, Nigeria: a cross-sectional survey

ADG Nwosu, FA Onyekwulu, EC Aniwada

Patient safety in surgery 13 (1), 33publications

1068. Book Review: The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Through the Mediterranean Diet

EU Asamudo, CA Okolo

Frontiers in physiology 10, 52publications

1069. The mobile phone revolution, the Internet and rural electricity: What are the implications for food security in Africa?

AE Ezeoha, A Obi, A Igwe, C Ezeruigbo

Information Development, 0266666919884991publications

1070. The Role of Social Network in Family Business Diversification: Evidence from South Eastern Nigeria

KC Agbim, A Igwe

Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management 14, 199-234publications

1071. Knowledge Sharing Process and Innovation Success: Evidence from Public Organisations in Southern Nigeria

UH Ononye, A Igwe

Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management 14, 183-198publications

1072. IJIKM Volume 14, 2019–Table of Contents

GZ Liu, J Lu

Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management 14, 000-000publications

1073. Attitude to Ageing As a Predictor of Subjective Health and Quality of Life Among Older People in Delta State, Nigeria

BN Ezegbe, GO Oriehi, VI Okika, JI Ofuebe, CL Chukwu, ID Emeka, …

Global Journal of Health Science 11 (6)publications

1074. Sustainable Health Counselling Strategies for Reducing the Impact of Malnutrition Among Rural Children in Nigeria

MO Ede, AU Ugwoezuonu, CC Anowai, N Nwosu, N Egenti, NC Uzoagba, …

Global Journal of Health Science 11 (8)publications

1075. Status, progress and challenges of phytoremediation-An African scenario

CK Odoh, N Zabbey, K Sam, CN Eze

Journal of environmental management 237, 365-378publications

1076. Did the global financial crisis alter the oil–gasoline price relationship?

JE Ogbuabor, A Orji, GC Aneke, MO Charles

Empirical Economics 57 (4), 1171-1200publications

1077. Policy Problems in Financing Vocational and Technical Education: Implications for Technological Advancement

CU Ugwuoke, BI Onyebuchi, CR Okwo, GE Eze, JE Agege, LU Ekenta

JL Pol’y & Globalization 91, 80publications

1078. Aeropalynological study of Obukpa town, Enugu State, Nigeria

NC Ikegbunam, EE Osayi, RC Njokuocha, OJ Walter

Bio-Research 17 (1), 1044-1052publications

1079. Religion and Voter Choice Homogeneity in the Nigerian Presidential Elections of the Fourth Republic

CF Nwankwo

Statistics, Politics and Policy 10 (1), 1-25publications

1080. The spatial pattern of voter choice homogeneity in the Nigerian presidential elections of the fourth republic

CF Nwankwo

Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series 43 (43), 143-165publications

1081. Determinants of voter turnout in Nsukka Council of Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria

CF Nwankwo

Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series 45 (45), 109-124publications

1082. Understanding US government reluctance to accept legally binding emissions reduction targets: the import of elite interest convergence

CF Nwankwo

Open Political Science 2 (1), 9-20publications

1083. Global fault-lines model and global political economy

CF Nwankwo

Open Political Science 2 (1), 34-44publications

1084. Essentialising critical geopolitics of the farmers-pastoralists conflicts in West Africa

CF Nwankwo


1085. Gene therapy, physiological applications, problems and prospects-a review

GC Ugwu, JVI Egbuji, LC Okanya, JN Omeje, JE Eyo

Animal Research International 16 (2), 3367-3392publications

1086. Satisfaction of Nigerian patients with health services: a protocol for a systematic review

MO Akunne, MJ Okonta, CV Ukwe, TL Heise, OI Ekwunife

Systematic reviews 8 (1), 1-6


1087. Exploring the Three-Way Destination Safety Solution to Crisis Management in Tourist Destinations in Rural Nigeria

EA Nwankwo

Public-sector Crisis Management


1088. Heritage studies and challenges: implications on research results from Igboland, Nigeria

EA Nwankwo, EI Itanyi

Heliyon 5 (12), e02962


1089. Application of geostatistics in facies modeling of Reservoir-E,“Hatch Field” offshore Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

HT Jika, KM Onuoha, CIP Dim

Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology, 1-13


1090. Perspectives on Markers of Adulthood Among Emerging Adults in Ghana and Nigeria

CA Obidoa, BA Dodor, V Tackie-Ofosu, MA Obidoa, HR Kalisch, …

Emerging Adulthood 7 (4), 270-278


1091. Socio-demographic correlates of postpartum psychological distress among apparently healthy mothers in two tertiary hospitals in Enugu, South-East Nigeria

P Odinka, J Odinka, M Ezeme, A Ndukuba, K Amadi, R Muomah, …

African Health Sciences 19 (3), 2515-2525


1092. Synthesis of Multi-Target Benzene-Sulphonamide Derivatives for the Treatment of Trypanosomiasis

DI Ugwu, FU Eze, BC Ogboo, VN Okoro, MC Ugwu

Med Chem (Los Angeles) 9, 83-92


1093. Caregivers’ knowledge and practice toward pressure ulcer prevention in national orthopedic hospital, Enugu, Nigeria

JA Ingwu, AH Nwaordu, H Opara, OE Israel, C Ogbogu

Nigerian journal of clinical practice 22 (7), 1014


1094. Use of traditional medicines in treatment of malaria among pregnant women in two urban slums in Enugu State, Nigeria

CE Israel, AC Duru, JA Ingwu, J Chinenye, PCC Arinze, CO Kotoye


1095. The Strategies Required for Improving the Teaching of Cost Accounting in Colleges of Education in South-East, Nigeria

NI Edeh, CA Obi, EO Ugwoke

Library Philosophy and Practice, 1-49


1096. Thermo-mechanical behaviour of functional polymer nanocomposites

FAA C. U. Atuanya, V. S. Aigbodion, C. O. A. Agbo

International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 103 (9-12), 4771-4775


1097. Comparing complications of urethral stricture across various ages: a retrospective analysis of findings from retrograde urethrogram and voiding cysto-urethrogram over 10 years

II Nnabugwu, AC Onuh, SK Anyimba, SO Mgbor

BMC medical imaging 19 (1), 1-6


1098. Accuracy of Sonographic Modules in the Estimation of Birth Weight: An Analytical Study of Antenatal Women in Enugu, Nigeria.


Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research 13 (8)


1099. Integrated groundwater potentials studies, aquifer hydraulic characterisation and vulnerability investigations of parts of Ndokwa, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

CC Mgbolu, II Obiadi, CM Obiadi, CM Okolo, PE Irumhe

Solid Earth Sciences 4 (3), 102-112


1100. Decolorization of synthetic dyes using partially purified peroxidase from green cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

CC Victor, KO Omeje, AL Ezugwu, SOO Eze, FC Chilaka, INE Onwurah, …


1101. Future Planning of Global South Cities with Inclusive Informal Economic Growth in Perspective

VA Onodugo, NH Ezeadichie

Urban Design


1102. Investigating the prospect of micro-energy generation in S. Anisatum Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs)

TJ Abodunrin, ME Emetere, OO Ajayi, UO Uyor, O Popoola

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1299 (1), 012028


1103. Electron Tunneling, Performance Analysis and Prospect of Micro-energy Generation in Ringwood (Syzygium Anisatum) Dye-sensitized Solar Cell

TJ Abodunrin, OO Ajayi, M Emetere, UO Uyor, O Popoola


1104. Effects of Heat Treatment Techniques on the Fatigue Behaviour of Steel Gears: A Review

EY Salawu, OO Ajayi, A Inegbenebor, UO Uyor

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1378 (4), 042001


1105. Microelectrostatic simulation of insulated graphene–polymer nanocomposites using COMSOL Multiphysics

UO Uyor, API Popoola, OM Popoola, VS Aigbodion

Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 0892705719886922


1106. Improved wear resistance and mechanical properties of multifunctional polymer nanocomposites for advanced engineering applications

UO Uyor, OM Popoola

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 634 (1), 012019


1107. Organic amendments applied to a degraded soil: Short term effects on soil quality indicators

BO Unagwu

Afr J Agric Res 14 (4), 218-225


1108. Improving soil silicon and selected fertility status for rice production through rice-mill waste application in lowland sawah rice field of southeastern Nigeria

JC Nwite, BO Unagwu, CC Okolo, CA Igwe, T Wakatsuki

International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture 8 (1 …


1109. Prevalence of malaria infection among persons seeking treatment from private drug retailers in North Central Nigeria

CA Otuu, SS Eke, ICJ Omalu, SC Hassan, EO Udeh, AC Urama


1110. Oil price fluctuation, oil revenue and well-being in Nigeria

CO Manasseh


1111. Prevalence and maternal socio-demographic factors associated with stillbirth in health facilities in Anambra, South-East Nigeria

NE Anyichie, EN Nwagu

African Health Sciences 19 (4), 3055-3062


1112. Mathematical model showing how socioeconomic dynamics in African cities could widen or reduce inequality

OC Collins, TS Simelane, KJ Duffy

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development 11 (3 …


1113. Analyses of mathematical models for city population dynamics under heterogeneity

OC Collins, TS Simelane, KJ Duffy

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development 11 (3 …


1114. The Application of the Logistic Equation Model to Predict the Remineralization Characteristics of Desensitizing Paste

SC Onwubu, PS Mdluli, S Singh, OC Collins

International journal of dentistry 2019


1115. Legume-maize rotation effect on maize productivity and soil fertility parameters under selected agronomic practices in a sandy loam soil

IM Uzoh, CA Igwe, CB Okebalama, OO Babalola

Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-9


1116. Soil Fertility Improvement, Hierarchical Aggregate Stability and Aggregate Associated Carbon and Nitrogen Storage in a Four-Year Field Experiment with Biochar Amendments in Ghana

CB Okebalama, B Marschner

ASA, CSSA and SSSA International Annual Meetings (2019)


1117. Soil Respiration, Microbial Biomass and Enzyme Activity of a Two-Year Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranea L. Verdc.) Seed Residue Application in an Ultisol Under …

CB Okebalama, VU Ugwu, B Marschner

ASA, CSSA and SSSA International Annual Meetings (2019)


1118. Knowledge and perception of postmenopausal symptoms among postmenopausal women presented at the gynecological clinic of a tertiary health institution in Abakaliki

CC Ibo, LO Ajah, JI Nwafor, KE Ekwuazi, OS Okoro, CN Obi, JE Mamah

Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 36 (3), 437


1119. A comparison of the use and non-use of closed suction wound drainage in open reduction and internal fixation of femoral shaft fractures

ON Muoghalu, GO Eyichukwu, E Iyidobi, UE Anyaehie, KA Madu, …

International orthopaedics 43 (9), 2003-2008publications

1120. Epidemiological Pattern of Closed Femoral Shaft Fractures in a Regional Tertiary Hospital in Enugu, Nigeria

EC Iyidobi, RT Ekwunife, UM Enweani, CU Nwadinigwe, IC Okwesili, …

Journal of Biosciences and Medicines 7 (5), 180-188publications

1121. Recent Advances in Transition Metal-catalysed Cross-Coupling of (Hetero) aryl Halides and the Analogues under Ligand-free Conditions

JI Ayogu, E Onoabedje

Catalysis Science & Technologypublications

1122. Local Carbon Sources in the Biofloc Production, Minerals, Vitamins, and Proximate Composition and Relevant Microorganisms in Bioreactor

C Ikele, R Obiezue, A Kelechi, O Ikele, K Idika, U Chinelo

American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conferencepublications

1123. Assessment of bacteriological quality of water sources from an agrarian settlement in South-East Nigeria

E lkechukwu Nnamonu, FJ Ugwu, OC Ejilibe, OC Ani, PE Martins, …publications

1124. How Do Trade Openness and Financial Integration Affect Growth and Output Volatility?

RK Edeme, NC Nkalu, EB Aduku, A Benedict

The Gains and Pains of Financial Integration and Trade Liberalizationpublications

1125. Foreign Aids and Sustainable Growth in Africa: Evidence from Nigeria

NC Nkalu, RK Edeme, WO Arazu

International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting 5 (2), 84-88publications

1126. Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Manufacturing Sector Output Growth in Nigeria


International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting 5 (2), 55-64publications

1127. Public Expenditure and Human Development in Nigeria in the last decade, composition and distributional impacts

RK Edeme, CN Nkalu

Economics and Business Letters 8 (2), 62-73publications

1128. Financial Deepening and Sustained Economic Growth in Nigeria: What Nonlinear Models Reveal

EU Kalu, CR Okoyeuzu, EU Okechukwu, WI Ukpere

Journal of Reviews on Global Economics 8, 1320-1328publications

1129. Evaluating the Impact of Electronic Payment Channels on Sustainable Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

CR Okoyeuzu, EU Kalu, WI Ukpere

Journal of Reviews on Global Economics 8, 1363-1370publications


A Arize, EU Kalu, J Malindretos, I Ndu

African Journal of Accounting, Economics, Finance & Banking Research 12 (12)publications

1131. Characterization of hepatitis delta virus strains spreading in Abuja, Nigeria

IM Ifeorah, TOC Faleye, AS Bakarey, OM Adewumi, A Gerber, F Le Gal, …

Journal of medical virology 91 (9), 1688-1692publications

1132. Effect of corporate governance board leadership models and attributes on earnings quality of quoted nigerian companies

CI Asogwa, GN Ofoegbu, JI Nnam, OD Chukwunwike

Cogent Business & Management 6 (1), 1683124publications

1133. A collaboratively derived international research agenda on legislative science advice

K Akerlof, C Tyler, SE Foxen, E Heath, MG Soler, A Allegra, ET Cloyd, …

Palgrave Communications 5 (1), 1-13publications

1134. Courts’ involvement in the electoral process and their impact on improving election quality in Nigeria

JT Omenma

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