2013 Journal Publications X

Details of selected Journal Publications by Staff of the University of Nigeria for the year 2013 Continued

publications 2201-2400
2201. History of weight and obesity through life and risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

C ECC Ejike, K C. Eze, OC Amu, EI Udeh, AI Ugochukwu, NK Dakum, …
Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition 7 (1), 273-278

publications2202. Evaluation of the erythropoietic and anti-sickling properties of Ficus capensis leaf extract in the treatment of anaemia

BO Umeokoli, FA Onyegbule, TH Gugu, SO Igboeme
Planta Medica 79 (13), PE29

publications2203. Detection and antimicrobial susceptibility of some gram negative bacteria producing carbapenemases and extended spectrum β-Lactamases

E Chika, U Malachy, I Ifeanyichukwu, G Thaddeus, D Carissa, E Peter, …
Int J Microbiol Immunol Res 2, 064-069

publications2204. Evaluation of the combined effects of Cassytha Filiformis and Cleistopholis Patens against some clinical isolates of staphylococcus aureus by in vitro method

CC Adonu, FO Enwa, CO Anie, T Gugu, CO Esimone, AA Attama
World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2 (6), 4249-4258

publications2207. Journal of Home Economics Research

MO Okoye, NE Osadebe
Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria

publications2208. Application of ICT in agricultural sector: Women’s perspective

MN Agu
International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering 2 (6), 58-60

publications2209. Need to empower Nigerian children and youths through information technology

International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE) 2 (6), 61-64

publications2210. Modeling Variation of Waiting Time of Distributed Memory Heterogeneous Parallel Computer System Using Recursive Models

OE Oguike, MN Agu, SC Echezona
International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering 2 (6)

publications2211. Challenges of Using Information Technology To Combat Economic Crime

African Journal of Computing & ICT 6 (4)

publications2212. Mass Connectivity based Digital Nervous System for Nigeria

African Journal of Computing & ICT 6 (1)

publications2215. Comparative morphology of thyroid gland at various stages of development in some domestic animals

CO Igbokwe
PhD Thesis, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

publications2216. Undergraduate surgery clerkship and the choice of surgery as a career: perspective from a developing country

SO Ekenze, FO Ugwumba, UM Obi, OS Ekenze
World journal of surgery 37 (9), 2094-2100

publications2218. On the Absence of Core Luminosity–Core-Dominance Parameter (P C − R) Correlation in Radio Galaxies and BL Lacs

JA Alhassan, AA Ubachukwu, FC Odo
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy 34 (1), 61-67

publications2220. Real Time Performance Evaluation of Some Photovoltaic Street Lights Installed at Nsukka

SUOFCO G.O. Unachukwu
Nig. J. of Solar Energy 24, 43

publications2223. Effect of Scoring Patterns on Scorer Reliability in Economics Essay Tests

B Madu, EF Ikeh
J Economics Sustainable Develop 4 (15), 68-74

publications2227. Does preparatory information reduce anxiety and pain during hysterosalpingography procedure

MC Okeji, AC Anakwue, KK Agwuna, AC Chinweuba, JC Eze
Jokull. 63 (6), 387-394

publications2228. sonographic Assessment of the Toxicological Effects of Chronic Exposure to Petroleum Products on the Liver in Nigerians: 1716659

A Anakwue, K Agwu, RC Anakwue, F Idigo, M Okeji, U Nwogu
Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development 2, 46-47

publications2229. Journal of Association of Radiographers of Nigeria

MC Okeji, KK Agwu, FU Idigo, AMC Anakwue

publications2230. Assessment of Indoor Radon Concentration Levels in Offices of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Nigeria

MC Okeji, KK Agwu, FU Idigo, AMC Anakwue
Assessment of Indoor Radon Concentration Levels in Offices of University of …

publications2231. Recovery of cost of electricity supply in the Nigerian Power Sector

GN Ofoegbu, SE Emengini
Research Journal of Financial and Accounting 4, 17

publications2233. Federal character principle and nationality question in Nigeria

CC Ezeibe
international journal of research in arts and social sciences (IJRASS) www …

publications2234. Boosting the Financing of Agriculture in Nigeria: The Capital Market Option, NY 10016, United State of America

AEKO Ifeanyi
Journal of Research on Humanitarian and social Sciences 3

publications2235. Monoterpenes and Related Compounds from the Medicinal Plants of Africa

MK Tchimene, CO Okunji, MM Iwu, V Kuete
Medicinal Plant Research in Africa, 1-32

publications2237. Large-Scale Separation of Bioactive Compounds from African Medicinal Plants by pH-Zone-Refining Counter-Current Chromatography

CO Okunji, PI Awachie, MM Iwu, M Tchimene, M Knight, Y Ito
Planta Medica 79 (05), P119

publications2238. Recycled micro hydropower generation using hydraulic ram pumpn (HYDRAM)

CA Nwosu, TC Madueme
IMPACT Int J Res Eng Technol (IMPACT IJRET) 1, 1-10

publications2239. Evaluation of anaemia in Nigerian goats using FAMACHA© eye colour chart: a preliminary study

IK Idika, CN Iheagwam, LG Nwobi, CO Nwosu
Comparative Clinical Pathology 22 (4), 627-630

publications2240. Effects of Trypanosoma brucei infection and diminazene aceturate therapy on testicular morphology and function of Nigerian local dogs

CF Obi, RI Obidike, IO Ezeh, VU Omoja, CN Iheagwam, IK Idika, …
Veterinary parasitology 196 (3-4), 283-288

publications2241. Efficacy of Kelamidium® in the prevention and treatment of Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection in albino rats

RC Ezeokonkwo, IO Ezeh, CN Iheagwam, WE Agu, RIS Agbede
Comparative Clinical Pathology 22 (2), 219-226

publications2243. The Politics of Minimum wage in Nigeria: The unresolved issues

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (4), 477-492

publications2244. Are Brewery Stocks Inflation Hedges: Evidence from Nigeria

EC Nwude, WE Herbert
Research Journal of Finance and Accounting 4 (7), 78-89

publications2245. The Profitability of Nigerian Banks

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (8), 1005-1019

publications2247. Estimation of Equity Betas in an Emerging Stock Market: The Nigerian Case

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (6), 725-737

publications2248. Is CAPM a Good Predictor of Stock Return in the Nigerian Banking Stocks?

EC Nwude
European Journal of Business and Management 5 (16), 126-138

publications2250. Sales force compensation and customer-centric business model in the 21st century

EC Nwude, JI Uduji
Research on Humanities and Social Sciences 3, 194-205

publications2251. Determinants of Sales force Effectiveness: Financially Based Rewards Versus Nonfinancial Rewards

EC Nwude, JI Uduji
Research Journal of Finance and Accounting 4 (1), 160-168

publications2252. Is CAPM A Good Predictor Of Stock Return In The Nigerian Commercial Services, Hotel And Tourism Stocks?

EC Nwude, CI Egungwu
Developing Country Studies 3 (11), 171-181

publications2253. Estimation of Equity Risk Premiums (ERP) in an Emerging Stock Market: The Nigerian Case

EC Nwude
Global Journal of Management And Business Research

publications2254. Are Building Materials Stocks a Hedge against Inflation in Nigeria

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (10), 1343-1361

publications2255. The Impact of Inflation on Stock Market Investment Performance: Evidence from Airlines Automobiles Road Transport and Maritime Sectors Stocks of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (10), 1257-1276

publications2256. Inflation-Hedging Properties of Petroleum Marketing Stocks in Nigeria

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (12), 1488-1512

publications2257. A Critical Analysis of Inflation-Hedging Capacity of Packaging Stocks in Nigeria

EC Nwude
Asian Journal of Empirical Research 3 (11), 1435-1459

publications2258. A Markov decision process approach to optimal control of a multi-level hierarchical manpower system

AU Udom
CBN Journal of Applied Statistics 4 (2), 31-49

publications2259. An absorbing Markov chain in labour system planning

AU Udom
International Journal of Operational Research 18 (2), 188-200

publications2260. Some majorisation results in optimal manpower control

AU Udom
International Journal of Operational Research 16 (3), 287-303

publications2261. The World of iron

J Humphris, A Veldhuijzen, T Rehren
The world of Iron, 1-482

publications2262. A Report of Excavation at Okeeghon in Kogi State, Nigeria

West African Journal of Archaeology 43 (1), 123-140.

publications2263. Effects of dietary selenium supplementation on parasitemia, anemia and serum proteins of Trypanosoma brucei brucei infected rats

JI Eze, MC Okeke, AA Ngene, JN Omeje, FO Abonyi
Experimental parasitology 135 (2), 331-336

publications2264. Effects of substituting soya bean meal (SBM) with blood meal (BM) on biochemical profile of pregnant pigs

FO Abonyi, NS Machebe, MS Ezea, JI Eze, BC Omeke, BN Marire
Tropical animal health and production 45 (4), 957-963

publications2265. Zinc Oxide as an Effective Mineral for Induced Moulting: Effects on Post Moult Performance of Laying Hens in the Humid Tropics. J Veterinar Sci Technol S11: 003. doi: 10.4172 …

NS Machebe, P Iweh, AE Onyimonyi, OS Ekere, F Abonyi
Teaching and Research Farm, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The birds were …

publications2266. Effects of feeding locally processed blood meal diets on reproductive performance of pigs.

FO Abonyi, BCO Omeke
Indian Journal of Animal Research 47 (4)

publications2267. Fe Kα line in hard X-ray emitting symbiotic stars

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 437 (1), 857-861

publications2268. Effects of bonny light crude oil contamination on the germination, shoot growth and rhizobacterial flora of Vigna unguiculata and Arachis hypogea grown in sandy loam soil

CN Eze, JN Maduka, JC Ogbonna, EA Eze
Scientific Research and Essays 8 (2), 99-107

publications2269. Antibacterial screening of crude ethanolic leaf extracts of four medicinal plants

EA Eze, NE Oruche, VC Onuora, CN Eze
Journal of Asian Scientific Research 3 (5), 431

publications2270. Determination of the relative abundance and distribution of bacteria and fungi in Bonny light crude oil-contaminated sandy loam soil

CN Eze, JC Ogbonna, CU Anyanwu, EA Eze
Scientific Research and Essays 8 (9), 375-381

publications2271. Interaction of the extracts of three medicinal plants with antibiotics against some antibiotic resistant bacteria

EA Eze, NE Oruche, CN Eze
Scientific Research and Essays 8 (28), 1360-1367

publications2272. Fishes and smoked meat delicacies as sources of multidrug resistant bacteria and parasitic worms

N Chijioke, N Chibuzor
African Journal of Agricultural Research 8 (22), 2799-2805

publications2273. Caroli disease in a 2 month old Nigerian-A case report

AF Ujunwa, JM Chinawa, E Obidike, IU Abah
Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics 40 (4), 412-415

publications2274. Effects of aqueous garlic (Allium sativum) extract on testicular morphology and function in lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2)-treated albino rats

IR Obidike, WS Ezema, LO Aka, VU Omoja, RI Odo, EO Onuoha, …
Comparative Clinical Pathology 22 (4), 685-690

publications2275. Evaluation of moisture content and particle size distribution of some commercial poultry feeds produced in Nigeria

IC Okoli, F Abakpolor, TC Iwuji, AA Omede, VO Okoro, C Ezema
International Journal of Biosciences, Agriculture and Technology 5 (1), 1

publications2276. Evaluation of the Efficiency of Disinfectants used Against Bacterial Isolates from Intensive Poultry Farming Environments in Imo State, Nigeria

IU Chima, MC Uchegbu, IC Okoli, C Ezema, SN Wehke
Journal of Biological Sciences 13 (5), 349-356

publications2277. Isolation time of brooding chicks play an important role in the control of Mareks disease

EC Okwor, DC Eze, IC Agbo
Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health 5 (12), 353-357

publications2278. Evaluation of phytochemical composition and antimicrobial activity of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) leaf

IE Mbaeyi-Nwaoha, VN Emejulu
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (6), 575-586

publications2279. Functional properties of sorghum (S. bicolor L.)-pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) flour blends and storage stability of a flaked breakfast formulated from blends

IE Mbaeyi-Nwaoha, JC Onweluzo
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (4), 382-397

publications2280. Production of oleoresin from ginger (Zingiber officinale) peels and evaluation of its antimicrobial and antioxidative properties

I Elizabeth, G Ifeanyi, O Veronica
African Journal of Microbiology Research 7 (42), 4981-4989

publications2281. The development of a mathematical model for the prediction of corrosion rate behaviour for mild steel in 0.5 M sulphuric acid

IY Suleiman, OB Oloche, SA Yaro
ISRN Corrosion 2013

publications2282. Physico-chemical properties of fluted pumpkin (telfiariaoccidentalis hook f) seeds

VE Okpashi, VN Ogugua, EA Ugian, OU Njoku
The International Journal of Engineering and Science 2 (9), 36-38

publications2283. Characterization of fluted pumpkin (telfiariaoccidentalis hook f) seeds oil emulsion

VE Okpashi, OU Njoku, VN Ogugua, EA Ugian
The Int. J. Eng. Sci 2, 36-38

publications2284. Design and evaluation of sustained release potential of diclofenac potassium contained in beeswax matrix

CO Nnadi, A Amechi, L Onyebuchi
International Journal 1 (1), 2307-2083

publications2285. Development of Differential Spectrophotometric Method for Assay of Paracetamol in Pure and Tablet Dosage Forms.

MO Agbo, PF Uzor, LO Ugwu
Indian Journal of Pharmacy Researc

publications2286. Evaluation of moisture content and particle size distribution of some commercial poultry feeds produced in Nigeria

IC Okoli, F Abakpolor, TC Iwuji, AA Omede, VO Okoro, C Ezema
International Journal of Biosciences, Agriculture and Technology 5 (1), 1

publications2287. The career prospects of tourism in Nigeria

EE Okonkwo, IU Jacinta
Research on Humanities and Social Sciences 3 (12), 126-132

publications2288. Physico-chemical properties of fluted pumpkin (telfiariaoccidentalis hook f) seeds

VE Okpashi, VN Ogugua, EA Ugian, OU Njoku
The International Journal of Engineering and Science 2 (9), 36-38

publications2289. Traditional crafts and tourism development and promotion in etim ekpo local government of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

EE Okonkwo, CC Oguamanam
Res Human Soc Sci 3, 139-45

publications2290. A Preliminary Study of Cave, Rock-Shelters and Waterfalls in Owerre-Ezukala, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria

EI Itanyi, EE Okonkwo, AP Eyisi
Journal of Tourism and Heritage Studies 2 (1)

publications2291. Impact of work and family involvement on work-family conflict of non professional Igbo Nigerian employees

O Lawrence
African Journal of Business Management 7 (16), 1515-1521

publications2292. Socio-economic status, locality and patterns of adolescents’ self-esteem among Nigerian sample

CN Uzuegbu, LO Amazue
IFE PsychologIA: An International Journal 21 (2), 340-347

publications2293. Entrepreneurial intentions: The roles of gender, gender-role orientation and self-efficacy

B Amazue, Lawrence O., & Ome
African Journal of Entrepreneurship Development, 2, 25-42 2, 25-42

publications2294. Role of football addiction and extraversion in football depression

B Amazue, Lawrence O., Obi, N. G., & Anukwuru
The Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counseling 18 (1), 15-22

publications2295. Roles of gender, gender-role orientation and distress tolerance in work-family conflict.

CN Amazue, Lawrence O., & Uzuegbu
European Journal of Social Sciences 42 (1), 135-146

publications2296. Recidivism in Nigerian Prisons: A case study of Enugu Prison.

The Nigerian Journal of Research and Production (NJOREP). 3 (3), 26-35

publications2297. Towards release control programs of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae: Can heterozygotic supermales solve the reproductive performance deficiencies of laboratory-produced …

NE Ekechukwu, R Baeshen, F Tripet
Pathogens and Global Health -British Society for Parasitology (BSP) Spring …

publications2298. Behavioural genetics of assortative mating in the anopheles gambiae complex

F Aboagye-Antwi, J Brothwood, S Kandola, D Paton, N Alhafez, …
Pathogens and Global Health -British Society for Parasitology (BSP) Spring …

publications2299. Efficacy of plant products (powder extracts) and chemical pesticides as oviposition deterrent on Callosobruchus maculatus in leguminous grains.

FN Ekeh, GE Odo, DA Avoaja, NE Ekechukwu, NC Asogwa, U Nzekwe, …
International Journal of Indigenous Medicinal Plants 46 (4), 2051–4263

publications2300. The phytochemical and anti-nociceptive evaluation of the methanol extract of Newbouldia laevis (Bignoniaceae) leaves using animal madels

UE Odoh, D Ani, CO Ezugwu, CC Ugwuoke, FN Mbaoji
PLANTA MEDICA 79 (13), 1148-1148

publications2301. Nonlinear power-type failure laws for geomaterials: Synthesis from triaxial data, properties, and applications

AJ Anyaegbunam
International Journal of Geomechanics 15 (1), 04014036

publications2302. Aortic arch thrombectomy in a 2.8 kilogram neonate–a case report and review of the literature

I Omeje, A Ram, M Kostolny
Cardiology in the Young 23 (1), 117-120


AN Ali
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa 15 (2), 41-54

publications2304. Feasibility study on the production of particleboard from maize cobs, rice husks, and groundnut shells using acacia mimosa tannin extract as the bonding adhesive

C Mgbemene, A Rosenkranz, F Pichelin, M Lehmann, C Job, H Kimeng, …
Journal of Architectural Engineering 20 (1), 04013006


2305. Direct passive hemagglutination test for rapid quantification of plasma load of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus

MCO Ezeibe, AA Ngene, I Anene, B Amechi, P Olowoniyi, JI Eze, …
Health 5 (09), 1351


2307. Energy balance, immune function and fertility in the postpartum dairy cow

DC Wathes, T Swangchan-Uthai, CF Oguejiofor, Z Cheng


2309. Changes in peripheral hormone levels after mid-gestation termination of pregnancy with aglepristone in rat

CF Oguejiofor, IS Ochiogu, CN Uchendu
Veterinarski arhiv 83 (1), 81-91


2310. Učinak invazije vrstom Trypanosoma brucei na involuciju maternice nakon partusa.

IS Ochiogu, CN Uchendu, JI Ihedioha, SVO Shoyinka, CF Oguejiofor, …
Veterinarski arhiv 83 (1), 93-104


2311. The effects of Trypanosoma brucei infection on post-partum uterine involution.

IS Ochiogu, CN Uchendu, JI Ihedioha, SVO Shoyinka, CF Oguejiofor, …
Veterinarski arhiv 83 (1), 93-104


2312. Promjene razina perifernih hormona u štakorica nakon pobačaja izazvanog aglepristonom u sredini gravidnosti.

CF Oguejiofor, IS Ochiogu, CN Uchendu
Veterinarski arhiv 83 (1), 81-91


2313. Process optimization of resources for packaged water factories in Nigeria. G. Seliger

SC Nwanya, PO Onah, IE Onyia
Proceedings of the 11th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing …


2314. Global warming potential implications and methodological challenges of road transport emissions in Nigeria

SC Nwanya, I Offili
Energy and Environment Research 3 (1), 169


2315. Study on Perspectives of Energy Production Systems and Climate Change Risks in Nigeria

SC Nwanya
Climate Change-Realities, Impacts Over Ice Cap, Sea Level and Risks


2316. Sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria: a case for road infrastructure maintenance

URB Emeasoba, J Ogbuefi, C Enugu
Journal of Environment and Earth Science 3 (5), 129-137


2317. The Dynamics of Land Ownership by Deities in Anambra State Nigeria.

URB Emeasoba, JU Ogbuefi
Dynamics 3 (7)

publications2318. Board size and composition and corporate performance: the case of non-financial companies on the Nigerian stock exchange

RO Ugwoke, EO Onyeanu, NJ Modebe
European Journal of Business and Management 5 (26), 177-185


2319. Longitudinal overgrowth of the femur stimulated by short-leg ambulation in unilateral partial tibia hemimelia

O Onwuasoigwe
Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B 22 (4), 357-362


2322. Diffuse Alveolar Haemorrhage in a young woman with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: case report and literature review

OG 3. Okwara CC
African Journal of Rheumatology 1 (2), 76-79

publications2323. Electoral fraud in Nigeria: A philosophical evaluation of the framework of electoral violence

A Casimir, E Omeh, C Ike
Open Journal of Political Science 3 (04), 167

2331. Philosophy, Religion and the Environment in Africa: The Challenge of Human Value Education and Sustainability

ACK Chukwunonyelum, M Chukwuelobe, E Ome
Open Journal of Social Sciences 1 (06), 62

2333. Pregnancy outcome and factors affecting vaginal delivery of twins at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu

TO Nwankwo, UU Aniebue, E Ezenkwele, MI Nwafor
Nigerian journal of clinical practice 16 (4)

2334. Environmental determinants of risky sexual behaviours among secondary school adolescents in Obollo-Afor Education Zone of Enugu State Nigeria

JC Omeje, MN Ekwueme, PN Omeje
Research on Humanities and Social Sciences,(3) 15, 2013

2336. Strategies for Enhancing Healthy Sexual Behaviour among Secondary School Adolescents in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State Nigeria

JC Omeje, MN Ekwueme, FA Ugwu
The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)

2337. Anti-anaemic effect of methanol seed extract of Sphenostylis stenocarpa (African yam bean) in Wistar albino rats

CC Okonkwo, OU Njoku, MA Mbah
African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 7 (45), 2907-2913

2339. Acute toxicity investigation and anti-diarrhoeal effect of the chloroform–methanol extract of the seeds of Persea americana in albino rats

CE Odo, OFC Nwodo, PE Joshua, OPC Ugwu, CC Okonkwo
Journal of Pharmacy Research 6 (3), 331-335

2340. Anti-motility and reductions in the concentrations of gut electrolytes: Mechanisms for the anti-spasmodic use of the seeds of avocado (Persea americana Mill) in folk medicine

CE Odo, OFC Nwodo, PE Joshua, YS Omeh, CC Okonkwo, AS Gometi, …
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (37)

2341. Factors influencing students’ choice to study agricultural science in south-south Nigeria

FN Onu
ISSN 2277-0836; Volume 2, Issue 4, pp. 80-86; May, 2013. Journal of …

2342. Water resource degradation and sustainable practices for the local users in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

ME Ikehi
ISSN 2277-0836; Volume 2, Issue 7, pp. 144-150; September, 2013. Journal of …

2344. Synopsis of congenital cardiac disease among children attending University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku Ozalla, Enugu

JM Chinawa, JC Eze, I Obi, I Arodiwe, F Ujunwa, AK Daberechi, HA Obu
BMC research notes 6 (1), 475

2345. Alloy design and property evaluation of Ti-Mo-Nb-Sn alloy for biomedical applications

PS Nnamchi, RE Njoku, OA Fasuba
Nigerian Journal of Technology 32 (3), 410-416

2346. A Model of Intelligent Mobile Learning System using Multi-agents

OUO C.N.Udanor
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

2347. Oesophageal atresia and tracheooesophageal fistula: a 12 years experience in a developing nation.

JN Nwosu, FA Onyekwulu
Nigerian journal of medicine: journal of the National Association of …

2348. Postoperative vomiting and fever following tonsillectomy in Enugu, Nigeria

UV Okafor, JN Nwosu, FA Onyekwulu
Nigerian Journal of Medicine 22 (1), 45-47

2349. An overview on the use of the laryngeal mask airway amongst anaesthesia practitioners in a developing country

FA Onyekwulu, AD Nwosu
Nigerian Journal of Medicine 22 (3), 198-200

2350. Health and environmental components of sachet water consumption and trade in Aba and Port Harcourt, Nigeria

D Ukaji, C Wachuku
Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 4 (2), 13-22

2351. Antibiotic resistance profiles of bacteria associated with fresh and frozen shrimp (Palaemonetes sp.) and their public health significance

L Solomon, CJ Ogugbue, GC Okpokwasili
International Journal of Scientific Research in Knowledge 1 (10), 448

2352. Family Planning in Nigeria: a Myth or Reality? Implications for Education.

M Anyanwu, J. I., Ezegbe, B. N. and Eskay
Journal of Education and Practice 4 (15), 108-113

2353. Public Sensitization as a tool for preventing Domestic Violence agaist Women in Nsukka Educayion Zone, Enugu State, Nigeria

CL Oyeoku, E. K., Mezieobi, D. I., Ezegbe, B. N. and Obikwelu
US-China Education Review 3 (4), 245-252

2354. Poverty Alleviation Among Nigerian Youths via Entrepreneurial Education: Issues and Challenges

J Ezegbe, B. N., Eskay, M. and Anyanwu
Journal of Education and Practice 4 (14), 87-101

2355. Social Implication of Wife battering: Need for Counseling Services

GC Ezegbe, B. N., Anyanwu, J. I., Oyeoku. E.K.and Abiogu
Indian Journal of Applied Research 3 (8), 657-660

2356. The American No Child Left Behind Act: Implications for the Nigerian School System

J Eskay, M. Ezegbe, B. N. and Anyanwu
Journal of Education and Practice 4 (13), 176-180

2358. Synthesis Of A New And FirstTriazadibenzo [A, N] Triphenodithiazine

Synthesis 8

2359. Development of an automatic fish feeder

E Ozigbo, C Anyadike, F Gbadebo, R Okechukwu

2360. Gender differences versus hand preferences in spatial ability among a Nigerian sample

PC Mefoh, LB Samuel
Gender and Behaviour 11 (1), 5096-5105

2361. Reference values for the serum lipid profile of albino rats (Rattus norvegicus) of varied ages and sexes

JI Ihedioha, OA Noel-Uneke, TE Ihedioha
Comparative Clinical Pathology 22 (1), 93-99

2362. Mixed infection of Trichophyton species in a Nigerian part-Arab horse with dermatophytosis

OA Anyanwu, M. U., Onoja, R. I. and Noel-Uneke
Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health, 2(2): 124 – 128 2 (2), 124-128

2363. Extraocular Manifestations of Moraxellosis in a West African Dwarf Goat

MU Anyanwu, RI Onoja, DC Anyogu, OA Noel-Uneke
Veterinary Research 6 (4), 72-77

2365. The Impact of Open Solid Waste Dump site on Soil Quality: A Case Study of Ugwuaji in Enugu

EHIAUM Ogbuene E.B.
British Journal of Advance Academic Research 2 (1), 43-53

2367. Mechanisms of hip fracture in Owerri, Nigeria, and its associated variables

CK Onwukamuche, J Ekezie, GE Anyanwu, CO Nwaiwu, AU Agu
Annals of medical and health sciences research 3 (2), 229

2368. Contribution of musculocutaneous nerve in the formation of median nerve

GE Anyanwu, AU Agu, CO Maduka, EA Esom, OJ Ezugworie, …
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy 12 (2), 92


AW Mode, OA Anyiam, EN Ngala
Global Journal of Geological Sciences 11 (1), 57

2373. Economic feasibility of on-farm fuel ethanol production from cassava tubers in rural communities

CN Ogbonna, EC Okoli
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (37)



2375. 2P-163 Isolation of pigment-producing Talaromyces purpurogenus from cassava processing waste in Abakaliki, Nigeria

CN Ogbonna, CT Ugwu, JC Ogbonna, T Ozawa, H Aoyagi
日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集 65, 145

2376. Enhancers and hindrances to doctor-nurse interdisciplinary collaborative practice in Nigeria

IL Okoronkwo, JE Anieche, AU Chinweuba, AC Ndu
Open Journal of Nursing 3 (02), 169

2377. Nurses’ Use of Facilitating and Blocking Communication Behaviours in Cancer Care

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