2013 Journal publications IX

Details of Selected Journal Publications by Staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2013 continued

publications2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600, 2601-2800, 2801-3000, 3001-3200, 3201-3400, 3401-3600, 3601-3800, 3801-4000 publications2001. Determinants of stock price movements in Nigeria: Evidence from monetary variables

V Malaolu, JE Ogbuabor, A Orji

Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 4 (14), 61-66


2002. Nutrient composition and sensory evaluation of dry Moringa oleifera aqueous extract

EU Madukwe, JO Ezeugwu, PE Eme
Int. J. Sci. Basic Appl. Res 13, 100-102

publications2003. Effectiveness of dry Moringa oleifera leaf powder in treatment of anaemia

EU Madukwe, AL Ugwuoke, JO Ezeugwu
International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 5 (5), 226-228

publications2004.Nutrient assessment of processed rice (Oryza sativa), soybean (Glycine max Merr) flours/groundnut (Arachis hypogea) paste and sensory attributes of their composites

EU Madukwe, IC Obizoba, OF Chukwuka
International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 3 (8), 1-8

publications2005. Nutrient and organoleptic evaluation of cereal and legume based cookies

EU Madukwe, RI Edeh, IC Obizoba
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (2), 154-157

publications2006. Nutrient Content and Microbial Quality of Soymilk-Carrot Powder Blend

EU Madukwe, PE Eme, CE Okpara
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (2), 158-161

publications2007. Chemical and organoleptic evaluation of fermented maize (Zea mays) gruel supplemented with fermented cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) flour and roasted melon see…

EU Madukwe, V Okoye, RNB Ayogu, O Franca
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (36)

publications2008. Bioavailability of vitamins C, E and pro-vitamin A in extracts of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis), tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) and eggplant (Solanum mel…

EU Madukwe, AM Nwabunze, L Onyibalu
International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2 (3), 244


2009. Iodine content of household salt and urinary iodine of primary school pupils in commercial towns in Nsukka senatorial zone, Enugu state, Nigeria

EU Madukwe, PN Ani, A Maduabuchi
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (6), 587


2010. Chemical, Nutritive Value and Organoleptic Attributes of In-Built Products of Fermented Afzelia africana Tender Leaves and Shoots

NC Mefoh, IC Obizoba, EU Madukwe
International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 3 (8), 1-8


2011. Chemical evaluation of processed maize (Zea mays), indeginous cowpea spp.(Vigna unguiculata) and melon seed (Citrullus vulgaris) and organoleptic attributes of…

U Edith, NB Rufina, C Ikemefuna
African Journal of Food Science 7 (9), 339-343


2012. Effects of Household Storage on Ascorbic Acid Content of Some Selected Nigerian Vegetables

RI Edeh, EU Madukwe, IC Obizoba
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (2), 150


2013. Evaluation of Sensitization to Various Foods in a Subset of Subjects from Saudi Arabia

AH Alsaeed, H Al Harfi, AP Shaik
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 12 (2), 103


2014. Predicting Runoff and sediment yield from Agricultural watershed using AnnAGNPS: A case study of upper Ebonyi river basin, Enugu state

V Ogwo, KN Ogbu, CJ Okoye, GI Ezenne, CC Mbajiorgu
Water resources and National Development. Proceedings of the 5th Nigerian …


2015. Effect of reaction temperature and time on neem methyl ester yield in a batch reactor

CN Anyanwu, CC Mbajiorgu, CN Ibeto, PM Ejikeme
Energy conversion and management 74, 81-87


2014. Water quality evaluation of spring waters in Nsukka, Nigeria

ME Okechukwu, V Ogwo, CU Onuegbu, CC Mbajiorgu, GI Ezenne
Nigerian Journal of Technology 32 (2), 233-240


2015. Prediction of the physico-chemical interactions of vimtim stream water quality using the aquatox model

CC Anyadike, CC Mbajiorgu, GN Ajah
IOSR J. Eng 3 (10), 1-6



KN Ogbu, CC Mbajiorgu



CC Mbajiorgu, MC Obeta, CN Anyanwu


2018. Static Analysis of Laterized Concrete Cylindrical Shells under Food Grain Pressures by Initial Value Method

TU Nwakonobi, NN Osadebe, CC Mbajiorgu
International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)


2019. Self-reported quality of life in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and executive function impairment treated with lisdexamfetamine dimesylate: a rando…

LA Adler, B Dirks, P Deas, A Raychaudhuri, M Dauphin, K Saylor, …
BMC psychiatry 13 (1), 253


2020. Problems with administration of international prostate symptom score in a developing community

EI Ogwuche, NK Dakum, CO Amu, ED Dung, E Udeh, VM Ramyil
Annals of African medicine 12 (3), 171


2021. The value of international prostate symptom scoring system in the management of BPH in Jos, Nigeria

OC Amu, EI Udeh, AI Ugochukwu, NK Dakum, VM Ramyil
Nigerian journal of clinical practice 16 (3), 273-278


2022. Angiosarcoma of the cervix: a case and literature review.

SA Ohayi, EC Ezugwu, AS Aderibigbe, EI Udeh
Nigerian journal of medicine: journal of the National Association of …


2023. A zwitterionic monoalkylated derivative of [Pt 2 (μ-S) 2 (PPh 3) 4] from 1, 3-propanesultone

OT Ujam, W Henderson, BK Nicholson
Journal of Structural Chemistry 54 (3), 523-527



OT Ujam, W Henderson, BK Nicholson
Журнал структурной химии 54 (3), 470-474


2025. Complex Formation and Extraction Studies of N, N′-Bis (salicylidene)-3, 5-diaminobenzoic Acid on Hg (II) and Ag (I)

Chem. Sci. Trans. 2, 1118-1125


2026. Immobilisation of [Pt2 (μ-S) 2 (PPh3) 4] on polymeric supports by sulfide alkylation and phosphine exchange reactions

OT Ujam, K Devey, W Henderson, BK Nicholson, MR Mucalo, C Decker, …
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 188 (11), 1508-1525


2027. Toxicity of the chlorpyrifos-based pesticide Termifos®: effects on behaviour and biochemical and haematological parameters of African catfish Clarias gariepinus

CD Nwani, DO Ugwu, OC Okeke, GC Onyishi, FN Ekeh, C Atama, …
African journal of aquatic science 38 (3), 255-262


2028. Effectiveness of botanical powders against Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) in some stored leguminous grains under laboratory conditions

FN Ekeh, IE Onah, CI Atama, N Ivoke, JE Eyo
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (12


2029. Effects of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi MACF)(Rutaceae) peel oil against developmental stages of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

N Ivoke, PC Ogbonna, FN Ekeh, NE Ezenwaji, CI Atama, VC Ejere, …
Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 44 (6), 970


2030. Effects of Citrus sinensis peel oil on the oviposition and development of cowpea beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in some legume gra…

FN Ekeh, KI Oleru, N Ivoke, CD Nwani, JE Eyo
Pakistan Journal of Zoology 45 (4), 967-974


2031. Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Six Cichlid (Cichilidae: Perciformis) Species of Anambra River, Nigeria

CI Atama, OC Okeke, FN Ekeh, NE Ezenwaji, IE Onah, N Ivoke, US Onoja, …
Journal of fisheries and aquaculture 4 (2), 82


2032. Anemia prevalence and associated factors among women attending antenatal clinic in south western Ebonyi State, Nigeria

N Ivoke, EE Eyo, ON Ivoke, CD Nwani, EC Odu, CN Asogha
Int J Medicine and Medical Sci 46 (1), 1354-59


2033. Effects of the aqueous root extract of Vernonia amygdalina on the haematological profile of Rattus norvegicus

JE Eyo, LO Nwachukwu, IE Onah, CI Atama, FN Ekeh, NE Ezenwaji, …
Advances in Life Science and Technology 11, 19-24


2034. The Breeding Biology and Hematological Profile of Gymnarchus niloticus Cuvier 1829 (Osteoglossiformes: Gymnarchidae) in Semi-Intensively Managed Ponds in th…

GE Odo, E Dibua, FN Ekeh, N Ivoke, CN Asogwa, DA Avoaja, CI Atama
Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture 4 (2), 103

publications2035. Factors associated with depression and suicide among patients with diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension in a Nigerian teaching hospital

MN Igwe, R Uwakwe, CA Ahanotu, GM Onyeama, MO Bakare, …
African health sciences 13 (1), 68-77

publications2036. Perception of epilepsy among public workers: perspectives from a developing country

OS Ekenze, AC Ndukuba
Epilepsy & Behavior 26 (1), 87-90

publications2037. Effects of aqueous garlic (Allium sativum) extract on testicular morphology and function in lead nitrate (Pb (NO 3) 2)-treated albino rats

IR Obidike, WS Ezema, LO Aka, VU Omoja, RI Odo, EO Onuoha, …
Comparative Clinical Pathology 22 (4), 685-690

publications2038. Determination of effective dose combination of Azadirachta indica leaf extracts and diminazene diaceturate in the treatment of experimental Trypanosoma brucei bru…

VU Omoja, IR Obidike
Comparative Clinical Pathology 22 (4), 747-754

publications2039. Size and causes of the informal sector of the Nigerian economy: evidence from error correction Mimic model

JE Ogbuabor, VA Malaolu
Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 4 (1), 85-103

publications2040. Training and manpower development, employee productivity and organizational performance in Nigeria: An Empirical investigation

VA Malaolu, JE Ogbuabor
International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics 2 (5), 163-177

publications2041. Small scale enterprises, poverty alleviation and job creation in Nigeria: Lessons from burnt bricklayers in Benue State

JE Ogbuabor, VA Malaolu, TI Elias
Journal of Economics and sustainable Development 4 (8)

publications2041. Determinants of stock price movements in Nigeria: Evidence from monetary variables

V Malaolu, JE Ogbuabor, A Orji
Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 4 (14), 61-66

publications2042. Human capital development and economic growth in Nigeria

IC Mba, EI Mba, JE Ogbuabor, CH Ikpegbu
Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 4 (18), 48-52


2043. A panel data analysis of the impact of informality on the liquidity of deposit money banks in Nigeria

JE Ogbuabor, VA Malaolu, IC Mba
Global journal of human resource Management 1 (3), 12-28


2044. Informality and domestic savings in Nigeria: lessons from time series analysis

JE Ogbuabor, VA Malaolu, IC Mba
International Journal of Development and Economic Sustainability 1 (3), 24-32


2045. Informality and bank performance in Nigeria: A panel data analysis

JE Ogbuabor, VA Malaolu
Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 4, 62-70


2046. Gross and histomorphometric changes in the small intestine of Anak and Marshal broiler hybrids.

UI Levi, CL Okafor, N Adaka, CI Nwaogu, ND Ezeasor
Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy 25 (2), 76-78


2047. Risk management and challenges of climate change in Nigeria

A Ogbo, NE Lauretta, W Ukpere
Journal of Human Ecology 41 (3), 221-235


2048. Business ethics as a tool for competitive advantage in the banking industry in Nigeria

AI Ogbo, I Okechukwu, WI Ukpere
Journal of Social Sciences 35 (1), 23-32


2049. Impact of intellectual capital on organizational performance: Evidence from Nigeria Banking sector

A Ogbo, J Ezeobi, A Ituma
JORIND 11 (2), 249-254

publications2050. Management of Designed Safety Adherence Model for the Nigerian Work Environment

AI Ogbo, WI Ukpere
Journal of Human Ecology 41 (3), 183-191

publications2051. Technical staff motivation in Nigeria: a strategic imperative

AI Ogbo, CC Orga, WI Ukpere
Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Economics, and Management, 125-137

publications2053. 276 INDEX

WI Upkere, AI Ogbo
J Hum Ecol 41 (3), 275-276

publications2054. Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crimes in West Africa.

F Onuoha, G Ezirim
Al-Jazeera Centre for Studies

publications2055. The Role of Regional Economic and Political Groups in the Globalization Process: A Case Study of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)(198…

A Akwara, G Ezirim, J Udaw, N Akwara
Canadian Social Science 9 (6), 67-75

publications2056. Electoral Process and Political Violence in Africa: A Preview of the 2015 Elections in Nigeria

G Ezirim, P Mbah
International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences 6 (1), 282-297

publications2057. The Political Economy of Federal Allocations in Nigeria since 1999

G Ezirim, F Onuoha, D Monday
Journal of International Politics and Development Studies 9, 22-48

publications2058. Rogue States Conundrum: An Exploration of the United States’ Foreign Policy toward North Korea

M Dickson, GE Ezirim, JO Obisung
African Journal of Culture, Philosophy and Society: Aworom Annang 3 (1), 12-22

publications2059. Gender, floods and mental health: the way forward

LI Ugwu, DI Ugwu
International Journal of Asian Social Science 3 (4), 1030-1042

publications2060. Psychological Contract Breach, Work-Family Conflict and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Pro-Social Behaviour among a Sample of Nigerian Bank Employees

LI Ugwu, I Oji
International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities 6 (1), 135-145

publications2061. Psychosocial Predictors of Road Rage Among Nigerian Commercial Drivers

PC Mefoh, LI Ugwu, LE Ugwu, LB Samuel
Editorial Advisory Board 40 (2), 231-239

publications2062. Do Attribution Styles Moderate Influences of Safety Practices on Artisans’ Accident Proneness?

LI Ugwu, LE Ugwu
Editorial Advisory Board 40 (2), 240-252

publications2063. Empirical models for predicting wind potential for wind energy applications in rural locations of Nigeria

FC Odo, GU Akubue, SU Offiah, PE Ugwuoke
Journal homepage: www. IJEE. IEEFoundation. org 4 (6), 1053-1060

publications2064. Algae and physico-chemical characteristics of Adani rice field, Enugu State, Nigeria

NO Nweze, BO Ude
J. Pharm. Biol. Sci 8, 12-18


DN Kiragu
International Journal of Asian Academic Research Associates

publications2066. Recombinant forms of HIV-2

S Ibe, W Sugiura
Encyclopedia of AIDS, 1-8

publications2067. Correlation of stipe length, pileus width and stipe girth of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) grown in different farm substrates

NF Chukwurah, SC Eze, NV Chiejina, CC Onyeonagu, CEA Okezie, …
Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Development 5 (3), 54

publications2068. Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial studies on the methanolic bulb extract of Allium sativum L.

GI Ameh, SC Eze, FU Omeje
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (14)

publications2069. Effect of some botanical extracts on post-harvest losses of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in improved yam barn in Nigeria

SC Eze, EI Eze, GI Ameh, A Dansi
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (16)

publications2070. Evaluation of some accessions of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranean L. Verdc) for resistance to bruchid infestation, based on grain source and seed coat colour

BC Echezona, CF Amuji, S Eze
Journal of Plant Protection Research 53 (3), 210-214

publications2071. Varietal response of African yam bean, Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst Ex. A. Rich) Harms to infection with Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid White) Chitwood under fi…

CC Onyeke, CO Akueshi, KI Ugwuoke, CC Onyeonagu, SC Eze
African Journal of Microbiology Research 7 (30), 3968-3975

publications2072. Effects of Rhizobuim leguminosarum inoculation on the growth and yield of Mucuna flagellipies

OA Agba, BN Mbah, JE Asiegbu, SC Eze
Global Journal of Agricultural Sciences 12 (1), 45

publications2073. Pre-storage Curing and Nanobiotechnology treatments on Fresh Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) tuber in Storage.

PIE 1. Eze, S. C., S. I Umeh., E. I. Eze., K. I. Ugwuoke
Triennial Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops …

publications2074. Preliminary evaluation of the haematological effects of Picralima nitida saponin extracts on Rattus novergicus

B Unakalamba, J Ozougwu, VC Ejere
Int J Biol Biol Sci 2, 28-32

publications2075. Contribution towards the development of a DNA barcode reference library for West African mammals

PC Echi, KU Suresh, S George, RV Ratheesh, MR Vinitha, VC Ejere, …
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (48), 6704-6708

publications2076. Effects of Hibiscus sabdariffa calyces aqueous extract on serum cholesterol, body weight and liver biomarkers of Rattus novergicus

EI Nnamonu, VC Ejere, AO Ejim, PC Echi, JV Egbuji, TR Eze, JE Eyo
International Journal of Indigenous Medicinal Plants 46 (4), 1405-1411

publications2077. Studies of the biochemical effects of Picralima nitida seed Saponin extracts on Rats

OE Unakalamba
Int. J. of Biol. & Biol. Sci. 2 (2), 28 – 32

publications2078. Intestinal Parasitic infestations among people living with HIV/AIDS in Nsukka, Southeast Nigeria

LO Dibua, Ejere
Int. Jour. Current Micro. & Applied Sciences 2 (12), 539 – 550

publications2079. Production of cellulosic ethanol from wood sawdust

JN Nwakaire, SL Ezeoha, BO Ugwuishiwu
Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal 15 (3), 136-140

publications2080. Groundwater Contribution to Crop Water Requirement of Waterleaf (Talinum Triangulare) in Oxisols of South-South Nigeria

IJ Udom, BO Ugwuishiwu, RI Urama
Nigerian Journal of Technology 32 (3), 424-432

publications2081. Remediation of crude oil-polluted soil with lime

CC Anyadike, I Akunne, BO Ugwuishiwu, GN Ajah, VI Ogwo
IOSR Journal of Engineering 3 (10), 05-07

publications2082. Calorific Value of Manure from some Nigerian Livestock and Poultry as Affected by Age

EA Echiegu, OA Nwoke, BO Ugwuishiwu, IN Opara
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 4, 999-1004

publications2083. Development of a Photobioreactor for Microalgae Culture

BO Ugwuishiwu, OF Obi, JN Nwakaire
Nigerian Journal of Technology 32 (1), 148-151

publications2084. Information and communication technologies: Benefits and challenges to the environment

BO Ugwuishiwu, OF Obi, CH Ugwuishiwu
International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering 2 (6), 96-100


IJ Udom, BO Ugwuishiwu


BO Ugwuishiwu, CJ Ohagwu


BO Ugwuishiwu, NM Okoye, EA Echiegu

publications2087. A multi-strategy approach to improve the performance of electrical power engineering students

E Chikuni, OI Okoro, UB Akuru, E Rashayi
Engineering Education (ICEED), 2013 IEEE 5th Conference on, 32-36

publications2088. A Simple Excitation Control for an Isolated Synchronous Generator

ES Obe, LU Anih, BU Akuru
Nigerian Journal of Technology 32 (3), 433-434

publications2089. Production of biodegradable plastic packaging film from cassava starch

SL Ezeoha, JN Ezenwanne
IOSR J. Eng 3 (10), 14-20

publications2090. Production of cellulosic ethanol from sawdust

U Nwakaire, Ezeoha
Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal 15 (3), 136-140

publications2091. Present and prospective energy use potentials of selected agricultural wastes in Nigeria

CN Anyanwu, CN Ibeto, IS Eze, SL Ezeoha
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 5 (3), 032703

publications2092. Immunohistochemistry and Antigenic Expression of Five Proteins in Kaposi Sarcoma

JO Adisa, CE Egbujo, PO Egbujo, J Madukwe, A Egbujo, NC Azubuike
International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research

publications2093. Effects of mixed vaccinations against Newcastle disease and infectious bursal disease on immune response feed consumption and weight gain in broilers

EC Okwor, DC Eze, MU Anyanwu, CB Okpe, PC Eze
Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science 6 (3), 63-68

publications2094. Mixed infection of Trichophyton species in a Nigerian part Arab horse with dermatophytosis

NUOA AM Umunna, OR Ibe
Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health 5 (5), 124-128

publications2095. Haematological changes due to bovine fascioliasis

FMI Egbu, PO Ubachukwu, IC Okoye
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (15)

publications2096. Effect of placental malaria on birth weight of babies in Nnewi, Anambra state, Nigeria

BU Oraneli, OC Okeke, PO Ubachukwu
Journal of vector borne diseases 50 (1), 13

publications2097. Urinary Schistosomiasis in Urban and Semi-Urban Communities in South-Eastern Nigeria

OC Okeke, PO Ubachukwu
Iranian journal of parasitology 8 (3), 467

publications2098. clinical Trial of an Antimicrobial Pit and Fissure Sealant: 169

BT Amaechi, LO Okoye, AN Hamood, P Tran, T Mosley, T Gray, TW Reid
Caries Research 47 (5), 502

publications2099. Ethnic Militias and the Nigerian State: The Way Forward

P Mbah
Academic Journal of the Middle East 5 (1), 159-182

publications2100. The Policy of Removal of Fuel Subsidy and the January 2012 Protests in Nigeria:Some Prelimiary Observations

A Mbah, P. O., Obi
Nigerian Journal of Public Administration and Local Government 17 (No. 1), 34-55

publications2101. Phytochemical and acute toxicity studies of Moringa oleifera ethanol leaf extract

PCU Okechukwu, FCN Okwesili, EJ Parker, B Abubakar, CO Emmanuel, …
International Journal of Life Science Biotechnology and Pharma Research 2 (2 …

publications2102. Anti-malaria and hematological analyses of ethanol leaf extract of Moringa oleifera on malaria infected mice

OPC Ugwu, OFC Nwodo, PE Joshua, CE Odo, A Bawa, EC Ossai, …
International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Science 3 (1), 360-371

publications2103. Phytochemical analyses of methanol, hot water and n-hexane extracts of the aerial parts of Sassytha filiformis Linn and leaves of Cleistopholis patens (Benth)

CC Adonu, OP Ugwu, CO Esimone, EC Ossai, A Bawa, AC Nwaka, …
Resources Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology Chemistry Science 4 (2), 1143-1149

publications2104. Proximate and mineral element compositions of five edible wild grown mushroom species in Abakiliki, South east Nigeria

CA Afiukwa, A Oko, J Afiukwa, O Ugwu, F Ali, E Ossai
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical sciences 4 (2 …

publications2105. Effect of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Moringa oleifera on lipid profile of mice

PC Ugwu Okechukwu, FC Nwodo Okwesili, E Joshua Parker, …
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 4 (1 …

publications2106. Bawa Abubakar.(2013). Ameliorative Effects of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Moringa Oleifera on Liver and Kidney Markers of Malaria Infected Mice

PC Ugwu Okechukwu, FC Nwodo Okwesili, E Joshua Parker, …
International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research 2 …

publications2107. Ameliorative effects of ethanol leaf extract of Moringa oleifera on the liver and kidney markers of malaria infected mice

OPC Ugwu, OFC Nwodo, PE Joshua, CE Odo, EC Ossai, A Bawa
International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research 2 …

publications2108. Phytochemical analysis of three wild edible mushrooms, coral mushroom, Agaricus bisporus and Lentinus sajor-caju, common in Ohaukwu Area of Ebonyi State, Nig…

CA Afiukwa, PC Ugwu Okechukwu, LN Ebenyi, EC Ossai, AC Nwaka
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 3 (2), 410-414

publications2109. Contents of some vitamins in five edible mushroom varieties consumed in Abakaliki Metropolis, Nigeria

CA Afiukwa, OPC Ufwu, SO Okoli, JN Idenyi, EC Ossai
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Science 4 (2)

publications2110. Nutritional and Antinutritional Characteristics of Two Wild Yam Species from Abakaliki, Southeast Nigeria

CA Afiukwa, O Ogah, OPC Ugwu, JO Oguguo, FU Ali, EC Ossai
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 4, 840-848

publications2111. Synthesis, structural and optical characterizations of cadmium oxide (CdO) thin films by chemical bath deposition (CBD) technique

BA Ezekoye, VA Ezekoye, PO Offor, SC Utazi
International Journal of Physical Sciences 8 (31), 1597-1601

publications2112. A comparative study of biogas production using plantain/almond leaves and pig dung, and its applications

VA Ezekoye
International Journal of Physical Sciences 8 (23), 1291-1297

publications2113. Determinants of academic performance in children with sickle cell anaemia

OU Ezenwosu, IJ Emodi, AN Ikefuna, BF Chukwu, CD Osuorah
BMC pediatrics 13 (1), 189

publications2114. Academic performance and intelligence scores of primary school-aged children with sickle cell anemia

O Ezenwosu, I Emodi, A Ikefuna, B Chukwu
Pediatric hematology and oncology 30 (8), 733-741

publications2115. Addition of multimodal therapy to standard management of steady state sickle cell disease

I Okpala, O Ezenwosu, A Ikefuna, A Duru, B Chukwu, A Madu, T Nwagha, …
ISRN hematology 2013

publications2116. Compositional changes of crude oil SARA fractions due to biodegradation and adsorption on colloidal support such as clays using Iatroscan

UC Ugochukwu, MD Jones, IM Head, DAC Manning, CI Fialips
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20 (9), 6445-6454

publications2117. Effect of modified montmorillonites on the biodegradation and adsorption of biomarkers such as hopanes, steranes and diasteranes

UC Ugochukwu, IM Head, DAC Manning
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20 (12), 8881-8889

publications2118. Issue of Fiscal Federalism and National Development in Nigeria during Obasanjo Administration

MI Okeke, EO Innocent
Journal of Educational and Social Research 3 (10), 109

publications2119. Urban planning problems in Nigeria: a case of Onitsha Metopolis of Anambra state

EO Innocent
Singaporean J Bus Econ Manage Stud 1, 12

publications2120. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Cyphostemma vogelii (Hook. f.) Desc. root extract in mice

RI Udegbunam, SO Udegbunam, GN Anosa
African Journal of Biotechnology 12 (17)

publications2121. Effects of free radicals and antioxidants on exercise performance

S Lamina, CI Ezema, AI Theresa, EU Anthonia
Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science 2 (2), 83-91

publications2122. Flat foot and associated factors among primary school children: A cross-sectional study

CI Ezema, UO Abaraogu, GO Okafor
Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal 20, 1e8

publications2123. Effect of interval training program on rate-pressure product in the management of hypertension in black African male subjects: A randomized controlled trial

S Lamina, GC Okoye, CI Ezema, TI Anele, AU Ezugwu
Nigerian Journal of Basic and Clinical Sciences 10 (1), 17

publications2124. Exercise and menstrual function: A review study

S Lamina, CI Ezema, UA Ezugwu, AA Amaeze, MJ Nwankwo, AF Ngozi
Health 5 (12), 2014

publications2125. Sawmill workers may have reduced Cardiopulmonary Fitness compared to sedentary Tailors

UO Abaraogu, CI Ezema, ON Obi, AO Ezeukwu
52nd Annual Scientific Conference and AGM

publications2126. Effects and correlates of continuous training programme on psychosocial status and white blood cell count in men with essential hypertension: A randomized controll…

S Lamina, CG Okoye, CI Ezema, UA Ezugwu, AA Amaeze, MJ Nwankwo
Health 5 (09), 1397

publications2127. Effects of Interval Training Programme on Resting Heart Rate in Subjects with Hypertension: A Randomized Controlled Trial

S Lamina, G Okaye, C Ezema, A Ezugwu, T Anele
Nigerian Health Journal 13 (1), 26-32

publications2128. Effects of Interval Training Programme on Resting Heart Rate in Subjects with Hypertension: A Randomized Controlled Trial

S Lamina, G Okaye, C Ezema, A Ezugwu, T Anele
Nigerian Health Journal 13 (1), 26-32

publications2129. Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science

J Taira, W Ohminea, H Nanbub, K Uedab

publications2130. Students’ perception of effective clinical teaching and teacher behaviour

IL Okoronkwo, JL Onyia-Pat, MAE Agbo, PU Okpala, AC Ndu
Open Journal of Nursing 3 (01), 63

publications2131. Training needs of pineapple farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria

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