Mr. Agwara Innocent C..

Department: Educational Foundations
Faculty: Education
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S/N Conference title Date Place Paper read Accepted for publication

1 International conference on “Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Education 13th-16th May 2009 PAA, UNN “Retirement and Entrepreneurship Education” by Agwara I.C. Accepted 

2 International conference on “General Studies Programme (GSP) in University Education” 25th-27th May, 2011 PAA, UNN “Attitude of University Administration towards General Studies Programme (GSP) in Nigeria Universities” by Agwara I.C. Accepted 

3 International Conference on “Education for Global Competitiveness, Job creation, Entrepreneurship Development and Wealth Generation” 20th-25th May, 2013 Faculty of Education New Lecture Theater, UNN “The Roles of Administrative Head of Tertiary Education for Global Competitiveness, Job Creation, Entrepreneurship Development and Wealth Generation” by Agwara I.C. Accepted 

4 Conference on “Fifty years of African Studies at University of Nigeria, Nsukka” 12th-14th June, 2013 PAA, UNN “Improving Administrative Communicative Relevance through Entrepreneurship Education by Agwara I.C. Accepted 

5 Annual National Conference on “Teacher Education in Nigeria: Need for Quality, Relevance and Sustainability in a Globalize World”. 2nd-6th Sept. 2013 PAA, UNN “Partnership and Collaboration in Teacher Education Advancement in Nigerian Institutions by Agwara I.C. Accepted

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