Prof. Mrs. NDUBUAKU Uchenna Mabel.

Department: Crop Science
Faculty: Agriculture
Designation : Professor
Phone: 080


Courses Taught/Coordinated
Undergraduate Level
CSC 221     Crop Anatomy, Taxonomy and Physiology (Coordinator)               
CSC 421     Crop Production Techniques                                                             
CSC 512     Plant Nutrition (Coordinator)                                                            
CSC 541     Vegetable Crops (Coordinator)                                                         
CSC 542     Plantation Crops                                                                                
CSC 543     Plant Propagation                                                                              
CSC 544     Post Harvest Physiology and Product Storage                                  

Postgraduate Diploma
CSC 0611    Crop Classification & Physiological Basis of Crop Yield (Coordinator)    
CSC 0644    Vegetable Crops (Coordinator)                                                                    

Postgraduate- Masters Level
CSC 603         Crop Physiology (Coordinator)                                                               
CSC 613         Mineral Nutrition of Crops (Coordinator)                                               
CSC 626         Plantation Crops                                                                                      

Sandwich Programme
CSC 526         Plantation Crops (Coordinator

Area of Specialization
Membership of professional bodies
Publications (Articles and Journals)
Working Experience