Mr. Onwuadi Charles Chibuike.

Department: Adult Education And Extra-mural Studies
Faculty: Education
Designation :

Publications (Articles and Journals):

 Nwobi, A.U. & Onwuadi, C.C. (2010).An Assessment of Non-Formal Education Programme in Nsukka L.G.A. of Enugu State: The Need for Curriculum Reform in 21st Century. Curriculum and Media Technology Research –Journal of CUDIMAC U.N.N 2 (1) 58 – 72.

 Onwuadi, C. C. (2011).Perception of Adult Educators on Lifelong learning in a Global Society. Journal of Adult Education and Development. 5 (1) 223–233.

 Onwuadi, C.C. (2014).Repositioning Adult Education Programme for Enhancement of Entrepreneurial Skills in Adult Learners. Faculty of Education International Journal of Educational Research. 13(1), 145–156.

 Onwuadi, C.C. (2014).Assessment of the Training Needs of Adult Education Instructors for Global Competiveness in Anambra State, Nigeria.  Journal of Adult Education and Development. 6(1) 223–233.

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