Department: Crop Science
Faculty: Agriculture
Designation : Administrative Assistant
Phone: +2348039569804

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Ishieze, P.U., Baiyeri K.P. & Ugwuoke K. I, (2013).Population dynamics of plant parasitic nematodes on homestead banana in a derived savannah agro ecology. Presentation at 2nd Annual Conference of Crop Science Society of Nigeria. 

Ishieze, P.U, Ugwuoke,  K.I., Aba, S.C.(2015). Effect of planting time on phytophtora blight    Disease Incidence and Severity on Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) in Nsukka, Derived Savannah,

Agro Ecology, South Eastern Nigeria.  Journal of plant pathology and microbiology. 

Ishieze, P.U., Aba, S.C., Eze, S. C. & Ugwuoke K.I. (2018). Controlling phytophthora blight of cucumber (cucumis sativus) in a derived savannah, using different spray interval of a registered fungicide. Plant pathology and Quarantine journal.

Ishieze, P.U. and Eze S.C. (2018). Comparative analysis of indigenous and advanced technology application in the preservation of tropical and horticultural produce. Presentation at 4th Annual Conference of Crop Science society of Nigeria.

Omeje, T.E., Ugwuoke, K.I., Ishieze, P.U. (2018) Evaluation of Fungicides and fungicides spray regimes on heavy metals deposit in cocoyam leaves (Colocasia esculenta L.) in a Derived savannah region of south-eastern Nigeria. Presentation at 4th Annual Conference of Crop Science society of Nigeria.

 Ishieze P.U., Baiyeri K.P and Ugwuoke K.I (2019).Influence of poultry manure rates on the proximate composition of common parsley (petroselinum crispum) grown in a derived savannah agro-ecology.  Presentation at 5th Annual Conference of Crop Science society of Nigeria.

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