Dr. Christopher Ibenegbu Ifeanyichukwu.

Department: Arts Education [Unit: None ]
Faculty: Education
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: christopher.ibenegbu@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2347036095783

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Journal Articles

1. Ibenegbu C. I. (2009). Illustrating Children’s Books in Nigeria. International Journal of Arts and Technology Education. 8 (1), 46 – 57.


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      Impact Factor 0.12


14. Ofoegbu, T., Agboeze, M. U., Ibenegbu, C. & Akabuike, C. (2016). Social Media and Youth Empowerment:     Implications For Classroom Practices in Secondary Schools. European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, Issue 90.



      Impact Factor 0.12






Scimago Journal & Country Rank Scimago Journal & Country Rank15. Ofoegbu, T., Hary, H. J., Ibenegbu, C. & Phil-Eze, B. (2016). The Extent of Utilization of Web-   Based Tools by University Students in South-South Zone of Nigeria. European Journal of Scientific Research, Volume 142 Issue      1.



        Impact Factor 0.13




16. Ogboji, B. A., Ibenegbu, C. & Onuoha, C. (2016). Assessing a Visual Representation of Campaigns against Lassa fever in Nigeria. Transylvanian Review.


       Impact Factor 0.012



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      Impact Factor 0.16



18. Wogu, J.O., Asogwa, U.,  Ezenwaji, I.O., & Ibenegbu, C.I. (2018). Re-Examining the Benefits and Challenges of Information and Communication Technology Integration in Media Communication in Nigeria: Educational and Developmental Perspective. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13(20), 8455-8460. Website: https://www.medwelljournals.com/current.php?jid=1816-949x[SNIP=0.38, SJR(Scimago)=0.16] 


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Referred Conference Proceedings

20. Ibenegbu, C. I. (2011). Availability and Use of Communication Tools in e-learning for Fine and Applied Arts Instructions in South East Universities. N. Onyegegbu & U. Eze (Eds.) Optimising e-Learning Opportunities for Effective Educational Service Delivery. Enugu: Timex Enterprises.   


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