Department: Educational Foundations
Faculty: Education
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Email: evelyn.ezepue@unn.edu.ng
Phone: 08033384417

Publications (Articles and Journals):


1. Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem & Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue (2016). Management Strategies for Conflict Resolution in Universities. International Journal of Educational Science and Research (IJESR) Vol 6 (1): 21-32. www.tjprc.org. (This publication received a Best Paper Award from TJPRC)

2. Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem, Chinwe Enyi, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Ezikanyi Meltus Sunday, Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue. Consequences of Conflict among Staff of Federal Universities in South East, Nigeria. Transylvanian Review, 24 (10), Special Issue 2016:2637-2643. http//www.centruldestudiitransilvne.ro/  

 Email: transsylvnianreview@gmail.com/ 

3. Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem, John J Agah, Chinwe Enyi, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue, and Ezikenyi Meltus Sunday. Teacher-Student Relationship and School rules/Regulations as Correlates of Students’ Dropout Tendency, European Journal of Social Sciences September 2016, 53 (1):112-119. http://www.europeanjournalofsocialsciences.com/

4. Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem, Okakpu George Onyejiuwa, Rev. Fr. Ezikanyi Meltus Sunday, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue and Chinwe Enyi. Controlling Students’ Disciplinary Problem in Universities. European Journal of Scientific Research. September 2016; 142 (1): 40-49.


5. Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem, Chinwe Enyi, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue, Ezikanyi Meltus Sunday and Ihuarula Maryjane O. The Nature and Sources of Conflict among Academic Staff ans Non-Academic Staff of Federal Universities in South-East, Nigeraia. European Journalof Economic, Finance and Administrative Sciences October 2016; Issue 90:119-124.


6. Angie Ijeoma Oboegbulem, Baptista Chinyere Chigbu, Chinwe Enyi, Ezikaenyi Meltus Sunday and Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue. Transformational Leadership Style of Principals and School Horticultural Gardening Practices in Nigeria. Bothalia November 2016, 46 (8):13-19.


7. Dr Chukwuemeka Joseph Chukwu and Dr Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue.  Commercialization of Education in Nigeria: Causes and Consequences for Educational Management in a Distressed Economy. Journal of Teacher Perspective (JOTEP) Volume 13 No. 1 November 2018, ISSN 2006-0173 Association of Nigerian Teachers (ASSONT)

8. Chukwu, Chukwuemeka Joseph, Ph.D., & Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue Ph.D. Implementation of Vocational Students Entrepreneurship skills in a Depressed Economy Among Public Secondary Schools, Nigeria. ABSU Journal of Educational Studies. Volume 4(1) March 2017. ISSN: 978-2702.

9. Chukwuemeka Joseph Chukwu, Ph.D. and Evelyn Ijeoma Ezepue, Ph.D. Perception of Lecturers’ on Implementation of Adult-Formal Education in High Education Institutions in South-East States of Nigeria. Academic Scholarship Journal. Volume 14 No. 1, December 2017. ISSN 2141-3428 National Association for Research and Development NARD. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu

10. Dr Eke N. Ukpai & Dr Evelyn I. Ezepue. Improving School-Community Relations for Effective Administration of Schools in Abia State: Perceptions of Principals. International Journal of Arts and Technology Education (ijate). Volume 11, No. 1, May 2019. ISSN 1596 8510.


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