Department: Plant Science And Biotechnology
Faculty: Biological Sciences
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Publications (Articles and Journals):
1. NJOKUOCHA R.C AND OSAYI, E E (2005). AIRBORNE POLLEN AND SPORE SURVEY IN RELATION TO ALLERGY AND PLANT PATHOGENS.BIORESEARCH. 3 (1): 77-84. 2. NNAMANI, C V.;OSAYI, E E.; ATAMA, C I. and NWACHUKWU, C N.(2011). LARVICIDAL EFFECTS OF LEAF, BARK AND NUTSHELL OF Anacardium occidentale ON THE LARVAE OF Anopheles gambiae IN EBONYI STATE, NIGERIA. Animal research international 8 (1)1435 – 1438. 3. NWOSU,M O AND OSAYI,E.E.(2010).MOPHOLOGY OF LOWER PLANTS-FUNGI,LICHENS, BRYOPHYTES AND PTERIDOPHYTES; IN GENERAL PRACTICAL BIOLOGY; AN INTEGRATED APPROACH( EDS,OU NJOKU AND N O NWEZE).TIMEK PUBLISHERS,ENUGU,NIGERIA.198PP. 4. Osayi, E.E., Ezike D.N., and Nnamani, C V ( in press)Distribution and Abundane of Airborne Palynomorphs in Aku, Enugu, Nigeria. Bio-Research. 5. Onyeke, C.C; Ugwuoke, k I; Osayi, E. E and Atama, C. I.(2010)African Mistletoe(Tapinanthus spp) Infections on Some Economic Plants in Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State, Nigeria. Proceedings of the 6th National Conference of the Society for Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (SOSEH) 6. OSAYI, E. E. **NNAMANI, C.V., ***OBIIYEKE, E AND ** ONIGHA. Effects Of Different Concentrations Of Moringa Oleifera Benth. Leaf Extracts On The Germination And Growth Of Phaseolus vulgaris L.

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