Department: Crop Science
Faculty: Agriculture
Designation : Professor
Phone: +234-80-66166646

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Journal articles

1. Machebe, N.S.; C.U. Agbo, and C.C. Onuaguluchi, (2011). Growth performance of chickens fed Gongronema latifolia leaf extracts as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals. Livestock Research for Rural Development Volume 23, Article #101. Retrieved January 9, 2011, from

2. Machebe, N.S., C.U. Agbo, and C.C. Onuaguluchi, (2011). Oral administration of Gongronema latifolia leaf meal: Implications on carcass and haematological profile of broiler finishers raised in the humid tropics. African Journal of Biotechnology 10(30): 5800-5805.

3. Agbo, C.U. and N.U. Ukwu (2011). Morphology and chromosome numbers of Gongronema latifolia Benth. clones from Nigeria. African Crop Science Jour. 19 (1): 29-38.

4. Agbo, C.U., Jaime A. Teixeira da S. and F.I. Aleke (2011). Selection of Gongronema latifolia Hybrids Exhibiting Heterosis for certain Vitamins and Lycopene. Journal of Crop improvement (USA) 25(6):742-755.

5. Agbo, C.U., E.C.Okechukwu, Jaime A. Teixeira da Sylva and E.I. Eze. (2012). Gongronema latifolia Clones: Genetic Effects on Some Phytochemical composition and Anti-microbial activity against Salmonella typhi . Dynamic Biochemistry, Process Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (Japan) 6:95-101.

6. Agbo, C.U.(2012). Emergence and early growth of Gongronema latifolia in relation to sowing depth and date. Journal of Applied Biosciences. 54: 3916 – 3924.

7. Agbo, C.U., P.N. Chukwudi, and A. N. Ogbu, (2012). Effects of rates and frequency of organic manure application on growth, yield and biochemical composition of Solanum melongena L. (cv Ngwa local). Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences. 14 (2): 1932 - 1960.

8. Nwofia, G.E; M. Nwanebu and C.U. Agbo (2012). Variability and Inter-relationships Between yield and Associated traits in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) as influenced by plan populations. World journal of Agricultural Sciences. In Press.

9. Nwofia, G.E; N.D. Ogbonna and C.U. Agbo (2012). Path analysis and heritability estimates of yield and yield component in vegetable coupea as influenced by planting season. International journal of plant breeding and genetics. In. Press.

10. Nwofia, .G.E., R.O. Awaraka and C.U. Agbo (2012). Genetic variability and trait association studies in Africa yam bean (Sphenostylis sternocarpa) Hochst ex A. Rich. Asian Journal of Crop Science. In Press.

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