Dr. CHINWEOBO-ONUOHA Blessing Ngozichika.

Department: Mass Communication
Faculty: Arts
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Email: blessing.chinweobo-onuoha@unn.edu.ng
Phone: 08032161886

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. Chinweobo-Onuoha, B.N., Nwokedi, O.P. & Ogbonna, S. (2018). Overcoming

Impediments to Access and Usage of Social Media in Rural Communities of Enugu State:

Implications for Economic Discourse. African Review of Arts, Social Sciences and

Education. 6(207-227)

2. Chinweobo-Onuoha, B.N, Nwokedi, O.P & Emmanuel, H.O. (2018). Influence of

Indomie Noodles Advertisement on the Purchasing Habits of Consumers in Two Selected

Local Government Areas in Enugu State. Online Journal of Arts, Management and

Social Sciences. 3 (1), 55-61.

3. Okoro, N. & Chinweobo-Onuoha, B. (2013). Journalists’ Perception of Brown Envelope

Syndrome and Its Implications for Journalism Practice in Nigeria. Covenant Journal of

Communication(CJOC) 1 ( 2), 130-144.

4. Chinweobo-Onuoha, B.N & Onuoha, J.C (2009). Character and values development

through classroom interaction: Implication for human capital development. Nigeria

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5. Chinweobo-Onuoha, B.N.(2009). Effect of sensationalism on community newspaper

audience: A study of Starlite Newspaper, Nsukka. Zaria Journal of Liberal Arts. 2

(1), 332-342.

6. Chinweobo-Onuoha, B.N & Onuoha, J.C (2008). Effect of Information Dissemination

on Consumer Choice: An Evaluation of Audience Preferences of Communication

Services in Anambra State. Conference Proceedings of First International conference

of Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Edited by B.G. Nworgu.

Nsukka. University Trust Publishers. 162-171.

7. Over Eight magazine Publications and Five Newspaper Publications


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