Prof. Onwuka Christopher J.A.

Department: Educational Foundations [Unit: Philosophy of education ]
Faculty: Education
Designation : Professor
Phone: 0803779169

Biography :


Professor Onwuka Christopher is a professor of Philosophy of Education in the Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria. He was in 196i from Awgbu, Orumba-North Local Government Area of Anambra State. His Areas of Research Interest is in the field of education in general and particularly in the area of policy evaluation in education. Other areas of interest are the study of human environment in relationship with modification of human behaviour. As a philosopher by training, he has the ability to analyze policy issues in education as well as other social issues that surround human environment. Analytical tool is what philosophers use to tackle their immediate problems. He is a member of the following professional bodies, Philosophy of Education Association of Nigeria (PEAN), Association of Promotion Quality Education in Nigeria (APQN) and Member, Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria.

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