Ms. NNAJI Amaka Precious.

Department: Agricultural Economics
Faculty: Agriculture
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Phone: +234(0)7038146361

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Adeosun, K. P., Amaechina, E. C. & Nnaji, A. P. (2017). Determinants of household’s consumption preference for processed cocoyam in Enugu State, Nigeria. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics. 9(6), 137-144.

Nnaji, A. P. and Nweze, N. J. (2016). Analysis of the Sources and Uses of Remittance by Rural Households for Agricultural Purposes in Enugu State, Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, 9(2), 84-88, DOI: 10.9790/2380-092178488

Ibrahim, M.K, Ukpong, I.G and Nnaji, A.P. (2015). What Drives Off-farm Sector Participation in Rural Nigeria?International Journal of Agricultural Economics, Management and Development, 5(1), 300-312.

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