Prof. Elsie Chizua Umeano.

Department: Educational Foundations
Faculty: Education
Designation : Administrative Assistant
Phone: 08033420661


Post Graduate Supervision 

Graduated Post Graduate Students = 27

Graduate Students Currently under Supervisi>


Courses Taught in the University

1. Edu. 211: Educational Psychology 1 (Undergraduate Course)

2. Edu. 311: Educational Psychology 11  (Undergraduate Course)

3. Edu. 411: Educational Psychology 111  (Undergraduate Course)

4. Edu. 313: Adolescence and Education  (Undergraduate Course)

5. Edu. 0511: Educational Psychology 1- Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

6. Edu. 0512: Educational Psychology 11- Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

7. Edu. 510: Child Development (Post Graduate Degree Course)

8. Edu. 511: Psychology of Adolescence (Post Graduate Degree Course)

9. Edu. 514: Abnormal Psychology and Education (Post Graduate Degree Course)

10. Edu. 519: Seminar in Educational Psychology (Post Graduate Degree Course)

Area of Specialization
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