Department: Educational Foundations [Unit: Educational psychology unit ]
Faculty: Education
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Email: ezurikechukwuemeka@unn.edu.ng
Phone: 07033214079

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Eseadi, C., Ezurike, C. A., Obidoa, M. A. &Ossai, O. V. (2017).Effect of rational emotive behavior therapy on re-offending thoughts of Nigerian prison inmates.The Educational Psychologist. 11 (1), 267-275.

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Omeje, J. C., Ede, M. O., Ibe, K. C., Manafa, I., Ezurike, A. C., Ali, R. B., &Ezeh, E. N. (2018). Categories and dangers of social networking among Nigerian in-school adolescents.International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 13 (6), 3533-3539.

Ezurike, C. A. (2012). Factors affecting the effective implementation of English language curriculum in Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria.International Journal of Educational Reasearch, 12 (1).

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Ezurike, C. A. (2010). Rethinking teacher quality at higher education level.International Journal of Educational Research, 11 (4).


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