Dr. Adimora Dorothy Ebere.

Department: Educational Foundations [Unit: educational psychology unit ]
Faculty: Education
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: ebere.adimora@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2348035180700

Conferences and Workshops:


S/No. Conferences Attended Year Title of Papers Presented

1. International Conference of Educational psychologists Association, University of Abuja, Nigeria. 2017 Influence of post-traumatic stress disorder arizing from feeling of insecurity from school children’s school adjustment.

2. International Conference of Educational psychologists Association ESUT, Enugu. 2016 -Adimora, D.E;Adene, F.M; Offordile. E.E &Umeano, E.C (2017) Impact of parent’s child-rearing styles on disruptive behavior disorder of primary school pupils in Nsukka Education authority. The educational psychologist 11 (1) 227-239.


-Nwangwu, T.L;Adimora, D.E;Ukwueze, T.O &Ugwuezea, A.E (2017) Effect of Cognitive restructuring intervention programme on social competence of in-school adolescents with social isolation. The educational psychologist 11 (1) 227-239.


3. Cyprus International Conference on Educational Research 2016 - Application of Comprehension Monitoring Strategy for Achievement and Interest of Low- Achievers in Reading Comprehension.

- Academic Procrastination as a Predictor of Mathematics Anxiety of Pupils in Enugu State, Nigeria.

4. World conference of Psychology counseling and Guidance at Kusadasi, Izmir. 2016 - Prevalence of Social Media Networking on Academic Achievement and Psychological Health of Undergraduate Students in Federal Universities in Nigeria.

5. World conference of Psychology counseling and Guidance at Antalya, Turkey. 2015 -Influence of socio-economic status and classroom climate on mathematics anxiety of primary school pupils.

-Parenting style and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as correlates of academic adjustment of in-school adolescents. 

6. Association of Childhood Educators, Nigeria AIFCE, Owerri. 2014 -Academic procrastination as a predictor of mathematics anxiety of pupils.


7. National Conference Of Computer Educators Association, Nsukka.

2013-Effect of brain-based adaptive learning strategyon academic competence of studentswith learning disability in Information Communication Technological World (ICT).

8. International Conference of Educational psychologists Association Umudike, Umuahia, Abia State. 2012 -Influence of Teachers’ Upward Social Comparison on Self-Esteem and Job-Satisfaction: Implication for UBE Implementation.

9. National Conference of Vocational Teacher Education Association Conference. 2010 Promoting Creativity in Education among secondary school students in Nsukka Education zone of Enugu state.

10. CUDIMAC International Conference. 2010 The influence of entrepreneurship education on self-esteem and conformity to societal norms of secondary school adolescent students in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State.

11. National Institute of Education Conference. 2010 -Influence of teachers’ Efficacy on their classroom Relationship with low achieving students in Nsukka Education Zone.

-Influence of Perceived Principals’ Proficiency in the use of communication skills in teachers’ classroom motivation.

12. Faculty of Education International Conference, University of Nigeria Nsukka. 2009 Influence of Teachers’ gender on their upward social comparison.

13. Nigerian Academy of Education congress, Abuja, NERDC. 2009 Influence of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Monitoring as percieved by junior secondary school Teachers in Enugu State on their Interest and Attitude to work.


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