Mr. Onyemaechi Nweke Prince.

Department: Educational Foundations [Unit: Sociology of education ]
Faculty: Education
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Phone: 08185706536

Biography :


Nweke Prince Onyemaechi is a Lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundations, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He obtained his B.Ed and M.Ed in the same University. Currently, he is a Ph.D Student in Sociology of Education in the same University. Prince possesses additional certificates of Proficiency in Management, Leadership Skills, Computer Applications, Website Design and ICT Components. His robust career profile includes, but not limited to, serving as a Principal, Head of Computer Unit, and Director of Studies, Director of Sports, and Counselor. Currently, he is a member of Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria (ASEN), Global Youth Action Network, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Nigerian Network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NNNGO), Alcohol Prevention Youth Network, Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development, Global Change Makers, Youth Consortium for Progress, The Voice of Youth, African Youth Association of NGOs (AYANGO) and Nigeria Non-State Actors for European Union (EU-INSIDE), Nigeria

Nweke has attended many workshops and seminars on ICT at all levels of Education. He is an experienced teacher and has taught, Issues in Local Government Administration, Introduction to Sociology, Nigerian History and Politics, Entrepreneurship Development, Leadership, Computer Education and Commerce both at Senior Secondary Schools and Higher Institutions for years. In giving back to the community has published several academic and religious materials both as books and Peer-Review journals. In addition to his prolific literary works, he has pioneered youth foundations; e.g. Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development (LIFYEAD) and International Journal of Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (IJYEED-Journal).

Nweke’s volunteering responsibilities include, among others, State Coordinator, Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (Abia State Chapter); Regional Coordinator, National Coalitions of Nigerian Youths in South-East (NACONY), Youth Representative/Associate Editor, The Voice of Youths, Pakistan;  Nigeria Representative, Youth Consortium for Progress, Gambia; Facilitator – Institute of Customer Relationship and Management, Part-time Lecturer, Centre for Pre-Degree and Diploma Studies, Kogi State University, Anyigba; Camp Director, Concepts Sports Academy; Regional Director, African Youth Association of Non-Governmental Organization (AYANGO). Currently, Member/Rapporteur, Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria; Resource Personal, Centre for Vocational Technical Education, Research Training (CETVETAR), and Volunteer Coordinator, Young Innovators Forum, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

Undoubtedly, there is no one as hard working as Prince who could go unnoticed or unrewarded, that was why a Certificate of Honour in recognition for his industrious contribution to good research work and selfless service to Kogi State University, was awarded to him by Dr. Aliyu Obaje Library, Kogi State University, Anyigba in 2013 after his service year. In the same vein of reward for outstanding service: Certificate of Honour was awarded to Prince Nweke  for serving the authority of Royal Crown Academy in the various capacities: Vice Principal (Administration); Head of Computer Unit; Director of Sports and Chairman-ROCAN Ceremonial Committees from 2007 – 2011.

 Prince Nweke is a blend of intellectualism, pro-service driven and demonstrable pragmatism imbued in one personality ready to rule his world in places where champions and great achievers flocks. As a shining example to the youths on choosing and identifying with noble courses; Prince is making a resounding statement of strong willingness worthy of emulation by not only the youths but of all and sundry.

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