Prof. DAVIES Theophilus Clavell.

Department: Geology [Unit: Full professor, chartered geologist and environmental consultant ]
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Professor
Phone: +234 9066117189

Research archive:

● Urban Geochemistry of Lagos

● Addressing Environmental Health Impacts of Major and Abandoned Mines in Sub- Saharan Africa

● Geoscientific and Environmental Health Issues in Africa

● Medical Geology in Africa

● Geophagy (deliberate soil consumption) in Limpopo Province, South Africa : A Socio-economic, Geochemical and Microbiological Study

● Urban Geology of African Megacities

● Climate Change Impacts on Geological Processes and Management of the African Coastal Zone: The Durban Case Study

● Geoscience Education in Africa

● Integrating HIV and AIDS Education into the Teaching Curriculum of Mangosuthu University of Technology

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