Mr. Nannim Fadip Audu.

Department: Computer Education [Unit: Computer education ]
Faculty: Vocational Technical Education
Designation : Assistant Lecturer
Phone: +23448032607450

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Yushau, B., & Nannim, F. A. (2020). Investigation into the Utilization of ICT Facilities for Teaching Purposes among University Lecturers: Influence of Gender, Age, Qualification and Years of Teaching Experience. Pedagogical Research, 5(2), em0054.  

Yushau, B., & Nannim, F. A. (2018). ICT facilities and their utilization for educational purposes in Nigerian Universities: A Review of Literature from 2004 To 2018. ATBU Journal of Science, Technology and Education, 6(1), 237-263. Retrieved from

Nannim A. F. (2018). Cloud-based learning and assessment: benefits and challenges. Computer Education Research Journal, 5(1), 23-33.

Nannim A.F., Yushau, B., & Gital, A.Y. (2018). Lecturers’ level of awareness of ICT facilities for teaching purposes. African Journal of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, In Press. 

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