Department: Geography
Faculty: Social Sciences
Designation : Snr Technologist
Phone: 08036547912

Biography :

Mr. Chinedu Ogbodo is a Geographer, Teacher, Research Scientist and Technologist, with a deep and diverse interest in Cartography, Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Applied Remote Sensing (RS), Earth System Modelling, Information Technologies, Data Analysis, and Field-based Research.

A professional with many skills, he has had the opportunity and privilege of being trained at various levels (including Web-based) in Geographic Information System, Applied Remote Sensing, Cartography, Military Geo-Intelligence, Earth Systems Observation and Modelling, Computer Networking and Engineering, as well as Programming and Statistical Data Analysis using R, Python and a host of other Computational Softwares. He has also been trained via several platforms delivering specialized course offerings by globally acclaimed institutions, which include but not limited to Cisco Systems, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Pennsylvania State University (PSU), John Hopkins University, and the University of California (UC Davis).

He has among others, served on two different teams consulting for the World Bank in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria, on the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) in South-East Nigeria, and has also produced Maps for several other projects both home and abroad. As a teacher, he once taught Geography and Mathematics at high school levels, and currently a Technical Instructor and GIS Analyst/Technologist, producing digital maps, teaching GIS and aspects of Remote Sensing, as well as consulting in Geospatial Analysis at the Department of Geography, University of Nigeria.

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