Mrs. Eze Florence U..

Department: Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Phone: +234...

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. Asegbeloyin, J.N, Ukwueze, N.N, Okparaeke, O. Eze F.U, and Agbo, I.C, Synthesis, characterization, and Antimicrobial screening of3[(1E)-1-Hydrazinylidene] Butyry-4-methyl-1-phenylpyrazolin-2-one and its co(II),cu(II),Ni(II) and Fe(III) complexes, journal of chemical society of Nigeria,38(1), 95-101, 2012.

2. Oruma, U.S, Asegbeloyin,J.N, Eze, F.U and chah, K.F, synthesis, characterization and preliminary Antimicrobial Screening of (2Z, 4Z)-4-(pyridine-2-ylion)pent-2-en-2-ol(PIP) and its cu(II) and cr(II) complexes. Int.J.Chem.Sci., 12(1), 136-144, 2014.

3. Ugwu, D.I., Ezema, B.E, Eze, F.U., Ayogu,J.I Ezema, C.G and Ugwuja, D.I Synthesis and Biological Application of Hydroxamates American journal of Organic Chemistry,2014,4(2), 26-51, 2014.

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