Mr. Ani Julius U..

Department: Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Phone: +2348057434965

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. J. U Ani, N.J Nnaji, C.O.B Okoye and O.D Onukwuli, Nephelometric and functional parameters response of Coagulation for the purification of industrial waste water using Detarium microcarpum (2012) Journal of Hazardous materials 243 59-66

2. J.U Ani, N.J Nnaji, C.O.B Okoye and O.D Onukwuli (2012) The coagulation Performance of okra Mucil age in an industrial Effluent by Turbidimetry, Int. J.Chem.Sci.:10(3),1293-1308

3. J.U Ani, N.J Nnaji, C.O.B Okoye and O.D Onukwuli(2012) The Factorial Analyses, Equilibrium Studies, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Removal of suspended particles from an industrial Effluent on coal Based Activated carbon, Int.J.Chem.Sci.:10(3),1765-1784

4. Ani J.U, Aneke L.E and Oyoh K.B,(2010) Design and  Operation of A Multitube One Shell pass one Tube passs Heat Exchange, J.Nig. Soi. Chem. Engrs.25(1,2), 151-157

5. J.U Ani, M.C Menkiti, O.D Onukwuli (2011) coagulation-Flocculation Performance of Snail Shell Biomass for Waste Water Purification , New York Science Journal 4(2),81-90

6. N.J.N Nnaji,J.U Ani, L.E Aneke, O.D Onukwuli, U.C Okoro, J.I Ume(2014) Modeling the coag-flocculation kinetics of cashew nut testa, tannins in an industrial effluent, journal of industrial and Engineering Chemistry 20 1930-1935

7. J.U Ani, J.N Asegbeloyin and M.C Menkiti(2011) physiochemical characterization of industrial Effluent: Case Studies of Beverage and Fiber-cement Plant in Enugu, Nigeria, New York Science journal 4(4), 114-117

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