Dr. Ezema Benjamine E.

Department: Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: benjamine.ezema@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2348066072738

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. B. E Ezema, C.G Ezema; David; Jude I. Ayogu (2014), Synthesis of Heterocyclic Azo Dyes from quinolin-8-ol, Chemistry and material Research, Vol.6, No.9.1-6

2. David I. Ugwu’ B.E Ezema; F.U.Eze; J.I Ayogu; C.G, Ezema, D.I Ugwuja, (2014), Synthesis and  Biological Application of Hydroxamates, American Journal of Organic Chemistry, 4(2):26-51

3. Ezema, B.E Ezema, C.G (2010), Synthesis of new angular polycyclic aza phenoxazine compounds, inter. Jour. Of chem.vol20, No. 3,171-174.

4. Ajali, U; Odigwe, A; Ezema, B.E; Usifor, C.O (2010), Synthesis and Bioevaluation of two novel chalcones, Inter.jour.chem.vol.20, No 4,233-238.

5. B.E Ezema, L.E.S Akpaisi; C.G Ezema; Onoabedje, (2014), A new method of Dimroith rearrangement in fused triazole[1,5-d]-1,2,4-triazine journal of hetercocylcic chemistry in press

6. B.E Ezema, C.G Ezema; A.E Onoabedje; D.U Ugwu(2013), Synthesis of a New and the first triazadibenzo[a,n]triphenodithiazine, Chemical Process Engineering Research,vol.8,35-41.


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