Prof. Okoye Chukwuma Obiageli Benedict.

Department: Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Phone: +2348034692359

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. A.C Marcus, C.O.B Okoye, C.N Ibeto(2013): Bioaccumulation of trace metals in shellfish and fish of Boney River Creeks around Okirika in Rivers State, Nigeria. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. DOI 10.1007/s00128-013-0992-9. Springler.
2. Obasi L.N, Okoye C.O.B, Ukoha P.O, Rejasekharan Nair R and AgboI.C(2013): X-ray crystallographic and structural studies of (benzonthiazol-2-yl)ethanneusulphonamide, and its antimicrobial properties. Chemitry and Material research3(1):33-42
3. Ofomatah A.C and Okoye C.O.B(2013): the effect of cow dung inculums and palm head ash-solution treatment on biogas yield of bagasses. Int.J.physical science 8(5): 193-198. Academic journals
4. Ekere N.R, Okoye COB, ihedioha JN(2014). Novelsimultaneus spectrometric determinations of B i(III), sn (II), mn(II), v(III) and se(II) icons in mixed aqueous solutions. J Chem Pharm Res.(accepted and in print)  Janefrances N. Ihedioha, Chukwuma O.B Okoye, Uchenna A. Onyechi(2014): Health risk assessment of Zinc, chromium and urban Nigeria population. International journal of occupational and environmental health20(4)281-288.
5. Chukwuma O.B Okoye and Gold C. Adiele(2014): physic-chemical and bacteriological quantities of ground water resources in Ezimihite mbaise local government area of imo State, Nigeria. Int J. Chem.sci12:23-38
6. Ihedioha janefrances, Ekere Nwachukwu and Okoye chukwuma(2013): Cadium content in some locally grown rice(Oryza sativa) in Nigeria. Food additives and contaminants: part B. DOI: 10.1080/1939210.2013.821174.Taylor and francis.
8. Ihedioha J.N and Okoye C.O.B(2013): Dietry intake and health risk assessment of lead and cadmium via  consumrvoption of cow meat for an urban population in Enugu State, Nigeria. Ecotoxiocology and Environmental safety, 93101-106Elsevier.

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