Prof. Okoro Uchechukwu Chris.

Department: Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Professor
Phone: : +2348038995403; +2347059643502; +2347081474361

Research Interest:


  1. Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds. Our group focuses on the synthesis of linear phenothiazine and phenoxazine compounds of pharmaceutical interest. Both base and acid catalyzed coupling reactions are employed in the synthesis of these compounds from readily available starting materials. Often synthesis involves creative manipulation of organic heterocyclic precursors. Synthesis and application of active herbicides are also undertaken in this direction.
  2. Synthesis of Oligophenothiazines and Phenoxazines. Phenothiazine derivatives have become valuable spectroscopic probes in molecular and supramolecular arrangements for photo induced electron transfer (PET) studies and as functional motifs in material science. Our group therefore focuses on the synthesis of wire like oligophenothiazines and phenoxazine which can be regarded as models for polymers with electronically coupled chromophores.
  3. Synthesis of Dyes and Pigments. We also focus on the synthesis and characterization of polycyclic angular phenothiazines that are deep coloured compounds. Often we are interested in molecular modifications of the angular systems to produce analogues capable of absorbing light in the region between 700-900nm in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum which makes these compounds applicable as laser dyes. Reactions employed here include base catalyzed coupling under anhydrous media as well as transition metal catalyzed coupling reactions typified by Suzuki- Miyaura, Mizoroki-Heck and Buchwald-Hartwig methodologies etc. Our mode of operation also involves green chemistry methodologies e.g solvent free reactions under microwave irradiations and in ionic liquids.
  4. Bio-fuel Production. Our group is equally interested in the development of biodiesel and bioethanol from indigenous vegetable oils and biomass respectively. Research involves synthesis by transesterification reactions catalyzed by sodium hydroxide. Kinetic studies are also undertaken. The production of bioethanol is usually by utilization of starchy/sucrose containing biomass.
  5. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Technology. Our group focuses on the preparation of Biochar: a soil amendment that combats Global Warming and improves agricultural sustainability and environmental impacts. This is a carbon sequestration (carbon negative) technology.
  6. Hybrid Nanomaterial: Synthesis, Characterization and Application. Our current interest is on the synthesis of nanoporous materials including metal organic frameworks (MOF) and transformation into composites for the preparation of artificial photonic antenna frameworks.

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