Dr. Ochonogor Alfred E..

Department: Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: Alfred.ochonogor@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2340863871261

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. Ochonogor A,E and Obasi L.n(2010) Activated carborn from gmelina wood, J chem.Soc.Nigeria, Vol
2. Ejikeme P.M and Ochonogor A,E (2008) Adsorption Kinetics of basicc violet 1 removeble by penthaclethramicrophyllawoody-pod activated carbon, J.Chem.Soc , Nigeria, Vol33, no1 132-137
3. Onwura I.NE, Ogugua V.N, Onyike N.B and Ochonogr A,.E(2007) Crude oil spills in the environment, effects and some innovative clean-up bioyhechnoloistes, Int.J.Environ.Res’1(4): 307-320
4. Ochongor A.E(2005) Indigo carmine removal using activated carbons of Terminalliacartappa and cinnariumSchweinfurthinutshell, J.Chem. Soc. Nigeria ,Vol30,No2,91-95
5. Ochonogor A.E and Onwurah I.N.E (2001) mahtmatical modelling of biochemical oxygen demand of bacteria consortia in crude oil polluted medium and its utility in assessing microbial performance in bioremediation, Nigeria journal of Biochemistry and molecular Biology, vol 16, No 3, 158s-164s
6. Ochonogor A.E, Agwunwambia J.C and Egbuniwe N.(2000) Removal of Phosphate using activated carbon, Nigeria journal of Engineering Management, Vol1, No4, 5-14


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