Prof. OKAFO Chukwunonso .

Department: Jurisprudence And Legal Theory
Faculty: Law
Designation : Professor
Phone: +2347063746226

Biography :

Chukwunonso Okafo, B.L., Ph.D. is a Professor and the Dean of Law at the University of Nigeria (UNN). He served as Associate Dean of Law, UNN, August 2014-July 2015. He had been called to the Nigerian Bar in 1989. Following brief legal practice, he proceeded to the USA where he studied for Master’s and Doctorate degrees. He earned a Ph.D. at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA, in 1996. For fifteen years after the Ph.D., he taught and rose through the ranks at universities in the USA before joining the services of the University of Nigeria. In the USA, he taught at Western Carolina University, North Carolina and Norfolk State University, Virginia - further, he taught for Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA. He became a tenured Professor in 2006.

As Author and Editor, Prof. Okafo published Grounded Law: Comparative Research on State and Non-State Justice in Multiple Societies, a book that analyzes a variety of unofficial (non-governmental) and official (governmental) law, justice, and social control processes in several countries, demonstrating the complex workings of alternative law and justice and the critical need they serve in various societies. These analyses highlight the need to expand the meaning of “law” beyond its parochial sphere as a government-sanctioned phenomenon. Also, Professor Okafo is the author of Reconstructing Law and Justice in a Postcolony. The book studies the challenges, considerations, and template for rebuilding the law, justice, and social control of a former colony, such as Nigeria. The work makes specific recommendations for reforming ("reconstructing") various areas of Nigerian law and justice, including law making, law enforcement, judiciary, and the prisons/corrections. Further, Professor Okafo published Law and Justice in Post-British Nigeria: Conflicts and Interactions Between Native and Foreign Systems of Social Control in Igbo, a book on the plurality of Nigerian law, justice, and social control. The volume also delineates formal and informal law and justice, and creates a prototype for testing the formality or informality of a law and justice process.

In addition to the books mentioned here, Professor Okafo is the author of numerous peer-reviewed, professional articles as well as other essays on law, justice, and social control. As part of his research, Professor Okafo has presented many professional papers at local, national, and international conferences on a variety of law, justice, and social control subjects.

Professor Okafo is the Editor-in-Chief of Law and Policy Review. He is also the Associate Editor of Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution. Furthermore, he serves on the editorial boards of other professional journals, including Race and Justice: An International Journal; African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies; and Journal of Contemporary Law.

Finally, in addition to his professional attainments, Professor Okafo displays robust leadership qualities in the sphere of social and cultural organizing. These qualities are rooted in his strong belief in, and commitment to, indigenous customs and traditions – together with relevant, sensible foreign ideas and approaches – as the necessary foundation for a credible, sustainable, and progressive modern State. For instance, from January 2007 to December 2008, he served as the Vice-President of Nigerians in Tidewater Virginia (NITVA) (NITVA is an association of Nigerians residing in eight United States cities). Subsequently, he was elected and he served as President, 2009 and 2010. Owing to his sterling leadership as President, he was unanimously re-elected for a second two-year term.

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