Department: Geology
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation :
Email: Charles.ugbor@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2348066705470

Publications (Articles and Journals):
Ugbor, C.C. 2002. Overpressure Prediction and Modeling in X Field in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. Abstracts submission, AAPG E-Journal: Search andDiscovery:www.searchanddiscovery.net/documents/abstracts/gia2002/ images/ugbor.pdf Ugbor, C.C. 2007. First Ocean Bottom Cable 3D Seismic Data Acquisition in the South Atlantic, Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 8. p. 36 – 48. Ugbor, C.C , K.M. Onuoha, and L.I. Mamah, 2007. Application of ocean bottom cable as a new tool in offshore seismic data acquisition. Journal of Mining and Geology, vol. 43, no. 1. March. Alaminiokuma, G.I., and Ugbor, C. C. 2010. Analytical Velocity Model for Depth Conversion in the Subsurface Facies of Agbada Formation in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 11, (1), p. 563-5 Eze M. O, A.W Mode, Ugbor C.C, 2013. Formation evaluation of X7 field in the Niger Delta: evidence from Petrophysical data. Niger Delta, Nigeria Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics, Volume 1, Issue 4 (Sep. – Oct. 2013), pp. 15-21.


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