Prof. Mode Ayonma Wilfred.

Department: Geology
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Professor
Phone: +2348038070489

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. Mode A.W., Ekwenye, O.C., Oha, I.A. and  Onah, F.C. (2018). Facies analysis and ichnology of a prograding river-dominated and wave-influenced deltaic deposit:  the Nkporo Formation  in the Itigidi-Ediba region of the Afikpo Sub-basin, south-eastern Nigeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences. 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2018.06.002- Elsevier

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Dim, C.I.P., Onuoha, K.M., Mode, A.W., and Ozumba, M.B.2017. Unravelling Prospectivity at Deeper Horizons: Outcome of Hydrocarbon Lead Identification and Revalidation in the  Onshore Niger Delta Basin. In: Onuoha, K. M. (Ed.), Advances in Petroleum Geoscience Research in Nigeria.Chapter 10, pp.218-233.

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