Mr. Nnebedum Okechukwu Donald.

Department: Geology
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Lecturer I
Phone: +2347033935929


GEOL 351(Field Mapping)

- Lectured topics on techniques in geologic mapping; Preparation of geologic maps; Practice mapping of selected areas report writing on field mapping.

2011 GEOL 362(Mineral Resources)

Lectured topics on metallic & non-metallic mineral resources:- composition, distribution & utilization; Industrial minerals; fossil fuels; Surface & underground water hydrology.

2009 GEOL 142 (Earth History)

- Lectured topic on geologic time scale & dating of rocks; Origin & chemical evolution of atmosphere, hydrosphere & biosphere; Fossils & their uses; Main biological groups of fossils; Life through geologic time; Concept of paleoclimate, paleoceanography, paleomagnetism; Fundamental principles of stratigraphy.

2008 GEOL 372 (Principles of Geophysics)

- Lectured topics on physics of the earth; Earth structure & composition as revealed by seismology, gravity & magnetic methods; analysis of electrical properties of rocks; DC resistivity prospecting and data analysis including instrumentation. Thermal history of the earth & geothermal methods.

2008 GEOL 103(Basic and Applied Geology for Environmental and Physical Sciences) 


 Lectured topics on earths and solar systems, internal structure & physics of the earth, important minerals & major rock types, geologic time scale, environmental hazards, pollution & control. Geology & Mineral resources of Nigeria

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