Dr. Mrs. Ekwenye Ogechi Clementina.

Department: Geology
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: ogechi.ekwenye@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +234815 5190 435

Research archive:

Ekwenye, O.C. (in view). A review on the stratigraphic evolution of the Paleogene sedimentary successions of the Niger Delta: its implication for palaeogeographic reconstruction and relative sea level changes. 

Ekwenye, O. C., Nichols, G. and Nnebedum, D.O. (in view). Coastal morphology and its effect on reservoir distribution and quality: a review on the Paleogene strata, south-eastern Nigeria. 

Ekwenye, O. C., and Onyemesili, O. C. (in view). Heavy mineral provinces of the Paleogene sediments, south-eastern Nigeria: factors controlling the distribution of the heavy minerals.

Ekwenye, O.C., Agbaetuo, S.C. and Uwakwe, O.C. (in view). Sedimentology and biostratigraphic analysis of the Nkporo Group in the Ituku-Ozalla environs, Anambra Basin. 

Ekwenye, O. C. and Agbaetuo, S. C., (in view). Facies architecture and reservoir properties estimation of the Campanian-Maastrichtian deposits Ituku-Ozalla region, Anambra Basin, south-eastern Nigeria.


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