Dr. Oha Ifeanyi Andrew.

Department: Geology
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: ifeanyi.oha@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2348033942815

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. Igwe, O., Mode, W., Nnebedum, O., Okonkwo, I., and Oha, I., (2015). The mechanisms and characteristics of a complex rock-debris avalanche at the Nigeria – Cameroon border, West Africa.Geomorphology. Vol. 234 pp. 1-10 (2013 impact factor = 2.577)

 2. Omeje, M., Husin, W., Noorddin, I., Oha, I.A., Onwuka, O.S and Soheil, S., (2014). Integrated geoelectrical and structural studies for groundwater investigation in parts of Abuja, Central Nigeria.Near Surface Geophysics.Doi: 10.3997/1873 (2013 impact factor = 1.123)

3. Igwe, O., Mode, W., Nnebedum, O., Okonkwo, I., and Oha, I., (2013). The analysis of rainfall-induced slope failures at Iva Valley area of Enugu State, Nigeria.Environmental Earth Sciences.Doi. 10.1007/S/2665-013-2647-x (2013 impact factor = 1.44)

4. Omeje, M., Husin, W., Noordin, J., Oha, I.A., Onwuka, O.S., Ugwoke, P.E and Meledu, O., (2013). Geoelectical investigation of aquifer problems in Gosa area of Abuja, Northcentral Nigeria. International Journal of Physical Sciences, vol. 8 (13) pp. 519-559.

5. Amobi, J.O., Mode, A. W., and Oha, I.A.2013. The Occurrence and Distribution of Primary and Secondary Raw Materials of Ceramics Industry in Nigeria.CPAN Journal of Ceramics Nos 4 and 5. 2013. Pp. 21-29 

6. Ibeneme, S.I., Madubuike, N.C., Okereke, C.N., Nwagbara, J.O., Onunkwo, A.A., Obioha, Y.E and Oha, I.A. 2013. Structural and land cover mapping of Ohafia area, Southeastern Nigeria, using remote sensing technique.

7. Opara, A.I., Ekwe, A.C., Okereke, C.N., Oha, I.A., and Nosiri, O.P., (2012). Integrating airborne magnetic and Landsat data for geologic interpretation over part of the Benin Basin, Nigeria. The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 13 (1) pp. 556-571.

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11. N.G, Goki, S.S Dada, I.A, Oha and A. Moumouni. (2010): An Interpretation of Tectonic Elements of the Kanke Basement, Central Nigeria. Online Journal of Earth Sciences, vol. 4 (2) pp. 89 – 94

12. J.K, Ogunmola, C.O Adeofun, J.O Ogbole, N.G, Goki, and I.A, Oha. (2008): The use of Nigeria Sat-1 and GIS in assessing the mineral potential of RafinGabas, North Central Nigeria. Middle East Journal of Scientific Research.Vol 3 No 3 pp. 164-170.


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