Female Reproductive Health Research Group (FRHRG) is a research unit within the college of medicine, university of Nigeria, concentrating on interdisciplinary and collaborative research in areas related to women’s health in developing countries. The unacceptably high maternal morbidity mortality as well as a sub-optimally functioning health system prevalent in our environment,  constitutes the primary motivation for this research group. FRHRG aims to contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality in Nigeria through the conduct and dissemination of results of high quality research on maternal and neonatal health; education, training and advocacy. In addition, the group will also conduct researches in other aspects if women’s reproductive health including adolescent reproductive health, contraception/family planning, reproductive cancers and menopausal health.
High Maternal mortality rate continues to pose a major public health problem in Nigeria. Maternal mortality rate in Nigeria currently stands at over 600 maternal deaths per 100000 live births.The Millennium Development goals(MDGs) set at the 2000 Millennium summit to accelerate global progress in development had sexual and reproductive health as a prerequisite of all the goals particularly to those related to gender and health. The MDG5 has since been monitored through the achievement of two targets and their associated indicators, the targets are Target 5a which includes Maternal Mortality ratio and proportion of deliveries attended by skilled personnel while Target 5b includes, contraceptive prevalence rate, Adolescence birth rate and Antenatal care coverage. The current situation on the range of indicators for monitoring progress shows that accelerated action is needed to achieve MDG5. Sadly many deaths are still being recorded each year as a result of preventable cause. These causes range from availability and accessibility of pre and postnatal care, contributions from skilled birth attendants, family planning for birth control amongst others.
Similarly, Nigeria still has a high rate of unwanted pregnancies, involving especially adolescents; high rate of cervical cancer; very low rate contraceptive uptake and a largely unexplored menopausal health status of women.
High quality research on based on credible prospective data are necessary for the continuing definition of the scope and pattern of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in Nigeria, and for providing credible information on adolescent reproductive health, family planning, reproductive cancers and menopausal health. There is evidence that such data are still lacking in such as prematurity, medical complications of pregnancy, obstetric health behaviour and mental health aspects of pregnancy; male involvement in family planning and cultural impediments to contraceptive uptake; menopausal morbidity including osteoporosis and reproductive cancer screening. It is the aim of this research group to conduct increase high quality research in these mentioned and other relevant areas in other to proffer solutions to further decrease the burden of reproductive mortality and morbidity in Nigeria and Africa. Overall we hope to contribute to the acceleration of the progress being made towards achieving the MDGs.
• Epidemiology of Hypertension in Pregnancy
– Burden of Hypertension in Pregnancy involving community-wide research
– Pathogenesis of Hypertension in Pregnancy including determination of the roles of nutrition and social habits.
– Outcomes research including long term follow up of mother and babies
• Diabetes in Pregnancy
– Burden of disease and the pattern of compliance to treatment in relation to outcomes
• Social Obstetrics
– Obstetrics Health behaviour
• Mental Health effect in Pregnancy
-Patterns and Burden of  Mental Health Problems among Pregnant women
• Barriers to contraceptive use among women
– Exploring the determinants of male involvement in family planning
• Menopausal Health
– Burden and Patterns of Menopausal osteoporosis among women
Maternal Health Research Group has four (4) members:
• Dr. Iyoke Chukwuemeka Anthony                             – Group Coordinator
• Dr. Ekwuazi Kingsley Emeka                                     –  Member
• Pharmacist Onwujekwe Ogochukwu Chika (Mrs.)     – Member
• Dr. Chinawa Josephat Maduabuchi                            – Member
– Dr. Iyoke is a senior lecturer in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology of university of  Nigeria, as well as an honorary consultant  in the Feto-Maternal unit of the university of Nigeria teaching hospital. He has been involved in training of medical manpower at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for over thirteen(13) years, as well as offering technical advice and clinical services to organizations and government on maternal health. He has published many papers and articles on maternal health. He is also skilled in research design and implementation.
– caiyoke@yahoo.co.uk
– Dr Ekwuazi is a senior lecturer in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology, university of Nigeria, as well as an honorary consultant with Reproductive health firm of the university of Nigeria teaching hospital. He is also involved in the training of both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students/interns. He has published many articles relating to women’s health. He has also worked with some international NGOs working on reproductive health related issues.
– kinxli@yahoo.com
(B.Pharm, Fellow West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacist, MBA)
– Mrs. Onwujekwe is a Principal Pharmacist working with University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. she has numerous publications in areas of Pharmaceutical care, Pharmacovigilance, Drug management and information systems, Pharmaco-epidemiology, Management of human resources for health and health system research. She is equally skilled in biostatistics.
– pharmogoo@yahoo.com
(MBBS, FMCPaed )
– Dr. Chinawa is a senior lecturer in the department of paediatrics, university of Nigeria, as well as honorary consultant paediatrician with University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. He is involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate training. He has many publications and articles on neonatal and child health related issues.
– maduabuchichinawa@yahoo.com