The ACCAI-UNN with the support of the OSF calls for research concept notes in the following thematic areas which have emerged from the community engagements, expert symposia, research seminar series, outreaches and other activities of the ACCAI-UNN in the last twenty four months in the country:

  1. Energy
  2. Food Security
  • Health

While the above forms the major or broad thematic areas of emphasis, ACCAI-UNN would appreciate concept notes which raise questions and point to researchable themes that also incorporate issues of economics, policy and innovation in climate change. In this sense, it would be interesting to see how climate change impinges on health, energy and food security in terms of adaptation capacities and impact as well as how these dovetail into the emergent area of climate change economics (defined both as adaptation and opportunity); the resilience of policies and the need for proactive policies over-riding these concerns whether at the national, state or local levels and the imperative of climate change sensitive innovations and innovative approaches to life in general (including the socio-cultural context of climate change and the impact of this on adaptation). All these impact generally on health; energy and food security. It goes without saying that climate change calls attention to the need to embrace clean energy especially at the household level and this also raises the issue of adaptation and adaptive capacity which may border both on the economics of adaptation and socio-cultural factors in the process of adaptation.

In a developing economy like Nigeria, a very prominent threat of climate change is in the area of agriculture with far-reaching implications for food security especially in the context of an ever-growing population. Hence, climate change challenges our imaginations and creativity with regard to agriculture and food security. There is no gainsaying the fact that health easily emerges as a major concern especially in view of the fact that pollution, flooding, erosion, desertification and indiscriminate discharge of toxic effluents have been identified in previous community engagements by ACCAI as major health challenges emanating both from climate change and more critically the attitude of people to the environment in general. In short, climate change whether approached as a threat or even opportunity generates health concerns.

The above are some of the issues expected to be captured in the concept notes. These notes should in addition to articulating any of the major thematic areas mentioned above point to researchable issues and themes within its frame of reference. In other words, the concept notes are expected to set the agenda and direction of subsequent empirical research.


Application Process

Applicants should initially submit a one page summary which would be used for selection of those to be funded and developed into full concept notes by the applicants. Any selected concept note summary is expected to be developed into full concept note of four to five pages maximum and should pinpoint clear research theme/issues that emerge from the note.

Applications which should include the bio-sketch of the applicant (s) would be reviewed and evaluated by a neutral body made up of eminent scholars. Accepted concept note summaries would be funded to the tune of One Hundred and fifty Thousand Naira (for its development into full concept notes of four pages maximum) each.

Note/Important Timelines:

  1. Fully developed concept notes should not exceed 4-5 double spaced pages on A4 paper
  2. The application (one page summary) should reach ACCAI-UNN on or before 28th March 2016
  3. All submissions should be done electronically through the email below
  4. Announcement of selected applications would be on or before the 11th of April, 2016
  5. Selected applicants are expected to develop full concept papers within 14 days of signing a contract with ACCAI-UNN


All submissions and enquiries should be directed to: