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Nutrient Composition of Conventional Foods as Eaten in Northern Anambra State, Nigeria View Download
Agricultural Land Development - An Appraisal of the National Land Development Authority in Southern Nigeria View Download
Assessing The Economic Value of Non- Timber Forest Products in Rural Nigeria. View Download
Runoff and Soil Loss from An Oxisol in Southeastern Nigeria Under Various Management Practices View Download
Rural Development in Nigeria: Past Approaches, Emerging Issues and Strategies for the Future. View Download
Indigenous Financial Practices Among Farmers in Nigeria. View Download
Sustaining The Soil Indigenous Soil And Water Conservation in African View Download
Biogas Production as Influenced by Ageratum Conizoides and Aspillia Africana Residues, and Biofertilizer from Biogas by Product View Download
Biomass and Vermicompost Production by the Earthworm Eudrilus Eugeniae (Kinberg) View Download
Field Survey of Indigenous African Food Crops and Useful Plants Food Preparation from them and Home Gardens View Download
Field Survey Monograph on Home Gardens in Former Anambra and Benue States of Nigeria View Download
Genetic and Cropping System Effects on Yield and Postharvest Characteristics of Musa Species in Southeastern Nigeria View Download
Adsorption of Bioaccumulated Heavy Metals Using Activated View Download
Consulting Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Planners View Download
Effect Of Percentage Radical Clearance And Blank Thickness On The Maximum Blanking Energy View Download
The Design and Construction of a Melon Peeling and Separating Machine View Download
Implementing Effective Local management of Forest Resources in poor Forest Communities of Nigeria Keywords Description View Download
Motivation and Productivity: A Case Study of the Non-Academic Staff of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka View Download
Election rigging with regard to Africa View Download
antimicrobial activities of lantana camara esential oil View Download

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