The underlisted applicants whose research proposals were selected and recommended to TETFund for funding under Institution-Based Research (IBR) Intervention are hereby notified that their funds are ready for disbursement. The conditions for the release of the fund will be as follows:

  • That the Lead Researcher(s) shall be required to open a dedicated TETFund IBR account through which the bursary will credit their IBR research grant. Evidence of same shall be forwarded to us for onward submission to Abuja;
  • That the amount paid into the Lead Researcher(s) TETFund IBR dedicated account must be used strictly for the approved research project and these will be monitored by TETFund;
  • That proper rendition on all the transactions in respect of the Research Project must be made by the beneficiary to TETFund;
  • That quarterly progress reports on this IBR award must be forwarded to TETFund for monitoring purposes, until the entire project is completed and closed out;
  • That you will be held liable for any misinformation or misapplication.
  • At the end of the Research Projects and upon the completion of the entire project, you are expected to forward to TETFund a close out/completion report (including copies of the financial receipts obtained in respect of the Research Project). You are also required to forward five (5 No.) bound copies of the Research Report immediately on completion of the project.
  1. Approved Research Projects (TETFUND/DESS/UNI/NSUKKA/RP/VOL.V)
  • Title: Design, Construction, Testing and Simulation of Optimized Solid Absorption Solar Refrigerator

Lead Researcher: Prof. ENIBE, S.O.

  • Title: Emotional Self-Regulation as Predicator of Self-Esteem and Academic Self- Efficiency of in-school Visually Impaired Student

Lead Researcher: Prof. EZE Uche

  • Title: Trends and Determinant of the Geographic and Sectoral Profile of the Nigerian Pharmacist Workforce: 2004 – 2014

Lead Researcher: Dr. UBAKA, Chukwuemeka Michael

  • Title: Development of a Technology for Microalgae Biodiesel Production in Nigeria

Lead Researcher: Prof. OGBONNA, James C.

  • Title: Study of Different Crate Types for Adaption in Safe Handling and Transportation of Tomatoes in Nigeria Farms/Marker

Lead Researcher: Dr. ANI, Ozoemena

  • Title: Efficacy Trial of the Combination of Secnidazole and Diminazene Aceturate in the Treatment of Late Stage Experimental Trypanosoma B. Brucei Infection and the Influence of Secnidazole on the Pharmacokinetics of Diminazene Aceturate in  Dogs

Lead Researcher: Dr. EKE, I.G.

  • Title: “Development and Evaluation of Biopolymer Hybrids for Pharmaceutical &Food Applications”

         Lead Researcher: Dr. ONWUSI, Chukwudi Ogbonnaya

  • Title: “Utilization of Agro-Industrial Wastes for Poultry Feeding”

Lead Researcher: Prof. EZEKWE Arinze G.

  • Title: “Integration of Conventional and Molecular breeding for Improvement of Aroma and Pro-Vitamin of Nigerian Pepper (capsicum annuum) Genotypes”

Lead Researcher: Dr. ABU Ngozi Eucharia

  • Title: Patterns of Islamic Dawah (Proselytization) in Eastern Nigeria

Lead Researcher: Prof. UCHENDU Egodi

  • Title: Benchmarking Energy Consumption to Determine Energy Savings Potentials in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Lead Researcher: Prof. UNACHUKWU, Godwin. O

  • Title: Process Design of a Small/Medium Scale Municipal Solid Waste Power Plant for some Nigerian Cities/Towns

Lead Researcher: Dr. UME, Joshua Ifeanyichukwu

  • Title: Isolation and Characterization of the Trypanocidal Agent in Azadirachita Indica and its Combination with Diminezene in Experimental Trypanosomosis   Chemotherapy

Lead Researcher: Dr. OMOJA V.

  • Title: Development of an Energy Efficient Oil Palm Fruit Boiler

Lead Researcher: MR. AKPAN, P.U.

  • Title: Dietary Phytochemical Index of Traditional Diets: Relationship with Non- Communicable Diseases (NCDS) Prevelence in South-East Nigerian Households and Development of Effective Nutrition Education Programme          towards NCDS Reduction

Lead Researcher: UDENTA, E.A.

  • Title: Strengthening the Capital Market through Effective Jurisdiction of the Investments and Securities Tribunal in Capital Market Disputes

Lead Researcher: Prof. NNONA, Chukwuemeka

  • Title: A Study of the Sukur Cultural Landscape and its Implications to Tourism Development in Nigeria

Lead Researcher: Dr. OKONKWO Emeka

  • Title: Antimicrobial Residue in Foods of Animal Origin in Enugu State, South-East, Nigeria

Lead Researcher: Prof. ANAGA, A.O.

  • Title: Geospatial Analysis of Noise Pollution in Enugu Metropolis: Mapping, Distribution and Evaluation of Risk and Impacts on Public Health

Lead Researcher: Dr. ANEJIONU Obinna

  • Title: Appraisal of Drop in Waste Table in Nsukka Town: Implication on Older Boreholes

Lead Researcher: Dr. ONWUKA O.S.

  • Title: Mapping of Fracture Zone and their Respective Load Bearing Capacity in University of Nigeria and its Environs

Lead Researcher: Dr. IGWE, O.

  • Title: Microbiology Processes for Valorization of Cassava Process Waste Stream

Lead Researcher: Prof. UGWUANYI Jerry

  • Title: Irab; Anti-Adhesion Activity is Independent of Antigenic Variability in erythrocytes infected by Plasmodiumlfalciparum

Lead Researcher: UDEINYA, Iroka J.

  • Title: Examining Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Food Labels among Consumers in Enugu State, Nigeria – A Baseline Survey

Lead Researcher: Prof. MONYE, Felicia

  1. Approved Research Projects (TETFUND/DESS/UNI/NSUKKA/RP/VOL.VI)
  • Title: “Utilization Improving Fingerling Survivability and Growth of clarias gariepinus through low Cost Diet Supplement with Probiotic”

Lead Researcher: Dr. EZEMA Chuka

  • Title: “Formulation and Evaluation of Transdermal Semi-Solid Nanostructural Lipid Carrier for Delivery of the Antimalarial Drug Artemether”

Lead Researcher: Dr. NNAMANI, Petra Obioma

  • Title: “The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship on Sustainability of Business Development in Nigeria”

Lead Researcher: Rev. Fr. Dr. IGWE Anthony A.

  • Title: “Development of Crime Statistics in Nigeria”

Lead Researcher: EJIOFOR, S.C.

  • Title: “The Management Challenges of Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Innovation in a Business Environment”

Lead Researcher: Dr. OGBO, Ann I.

  • Title: “The Applicability of Sensitivity Analysis in the Viability Appraisal of Commercial Property Investment in South-Eastern Nigeria”

Lead Researcher: NNAMANI, Obinna

  • Title: “Towards Universal Coverage: Access to Essential Medicines for Major Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases in the Nigerian National Health        Insurance Scheme (NHIS)”

Lead Researcher: Dr. UGURU, Nkolika P.

  • Title: “Rescue of Endangered Folk Music Heritage of Nigeria: Library of Folk Music of Nigeria Project”

Lead Researcher: Prof. ONYEJI, C.

  • Title: “Instructors Perception and Institutional Support Infrastructure on the use of Technology in Language Teaching”

Lead Researcher: Dr. MBAH Evelyn E.

  • Title: “Genotoxic Assessment of Some Commonly used Agricultural pesticides (chlorpyrifos, butachlor and atrazine) in African Catfish clariash glarias using  micronucleus and Nuclear Lesion Assay”

Lead Researcher: Dr. NWANI, Christopher Didigwu

  • Title: “New Angular Phenoxazines for treatment of Candida and Aspergillus- Fungal Diseases”

Lead Researcher: Dr. EZEOKONKWO, M.A.

  • Title: “Stemming the Tide of Microfinance bank Failures in Nigeria for Sustainable Microbusiness Development: A Pilot Study of Enugu State”

Lead Researcher: Prof. ONWUMERE, J.U.J

  • Title: “Effects Of Eight Weeks Arobic Exercise Programme on Co-Reactive Protein And Lipid Profile of Type 2 Diabetes Patients In University of Nigeria Teaching    Hospital, Enugu”

Lead Researcher: Dr. EZEMA, Charles I.

  • Title: “Malaria in Pregnancy and Impact of Health Education on Ownership and Use of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Bed Nets and Impact of Health Education among Pregnant Women in Selected Rural Communities in Enugu State, Nigeria.”

Lead Researcher: Dr. EHIEMERE, Ijeoma O.

  • Title: “Effect of on-the-Job Education and Monitoring on Nurses’ Knowledge and use of NANDA-I, INC and NOC in Documenting Nursing Care in Tertiary Institutions, South East Nigeria.”

Lead Researcher: Dr. NWONU Eunice I

  • Title: “Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) and     gongronema latifolium (utazi leaf) for antibacterial and Mosquito Larvicidal   Activities”

Lead Researcher: Prof. EZEMA Fabian I.

  • Title: “Revisiting Privatization in Nigeria through the Eyes of Workers in Two Recently Privatized Enterprises: A Study of Former NITEL and PHCN”

Lead Researcher: Dr. ARUKWE, Nnanna Onuoha  

  • Title: “Development of an Optimal Ticketing Customer Service Delivery System”

Lead Researcher: Dr. ARUKWE Nnanna Onuoha

  • Title: “Environmental and Health Impact of Cooking Stove in Enugu State”

Lead Researcher: Prof. ICHOKU, H.I.

  • Title: “Achieving Universal Financial Risk Protection: A Political and Economic Analysis in Enugu State, Nigeria”

Lead Researcher: OKOLI, Chijioke I.

  • Title: “A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention to Scale up the use of Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria in Pregnancy by Pregnant Women  Utilizing Primary health Centres in Enugu Urban”

Lead Researcher: Dr. IYOKE, C.A.

  • Title: “Cassava Food Consumption: Implication for Iodine Nutrition in Primary School Children in selected Local Governments in Enugu State”

Lead Researcher: Prof. EZEAGU, I.E.

  • Title: “Full Genome Sequencing of Rabies Virus Isolated from Apparently Healthy Dogs in South-Eastern Nigeria”

Lead Researcher: DR. EZE, Ukamaka Uchenna

       24) Title: Development of Transdermal Patches for the Delivery of Chloropheniramine in Infants using Hypromellose and Cassava Starch Composite Polymers”

Lead Researcher: Dr. AGUBATA O. C

       25) Title: “Development of Agronomic Protocol for the Preservation of Some Endangered     Horticultural Species of South Eastern Nigeria”.

             Lead Researcher: Prof. UGURU, Michel I.

     26) Title “Molecular Charactarization and Antimicrobial Resistance of Listeria Monocytogenes Isolated from Foods of Animal Origin and human in Enugu State, South-East, Nigeria”.

           Lead Researcher: Dr. OKORIE-KANU O.J.


Prof. Anene, B. M.

Chairman TETFund Committee