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Call for Applications for 2016 Financial Aid Award of Nsukka


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Call for Applications for 2016 Financial Aid Award of NsukkaUSA Inc. University of Nigeria, Nsukka
NsukkaUSA Inc. is a socio-cultural organization by Nsukka citizens in the USA.  Part of her continuous socio-economic empowerment program is the award of financial aid to final year undergraduates from Nsukka Cultural Zone at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, aimed towards their tuition and project.  NsukkaUSA Inc. is calling for applications for 2016 Annual Financial Aid Awards.
Eligibility The awards are for students who meet all of the following criteria: (a)  Students enrolled at the University of Nigeria in degree programs (Nsukka campus only) and who are in the final year of their study during the 2015/2016 academic year.
(b)  Students whose town of origin is in one of the following Local Government Areas  in Enugu State of Nigeria: Igbo-Etiti, Igbo-Eze North, Igbo-Eze South, Isi-Uzo,   Nsukka, Udenu, and Uzo-Uwani.
Number of Awards There will be a total of fourteen financial aid awards.  Two students with the highest cumulative GPA in each of the seven Local Government Areas stated above will receive the awards. Heads of Departments are requested to kindly validate students CGPA.
How to Apply for the 2016 Award Eligible candidates should send a mail to “nsukkausa.unn@gmail.com” requesting for the free form, stating their Full names, Department, Registration no. ,L.G.A, Town & Phone no.. Upon submission of an Online Form, a Printable Application Form will be mailed to the candidate. Completed Application Form (and enclosures in an envelop) shall be addressed to Dr. Charles C. Ugbor (Co-ordinator) and submitted in his pigeon hole at the Department of Geology (General Office).  NOTE: The Application Form is free.

Successful candidates will be presented the award in an open forum at CEC, UNN in June.

Signd:         Approved: Dr. C. C. Ugbor Local Coordinator, Financial Aid Awards of NsukkaUSA Inc. ©NsukkaUSA Inc.        Dean of Students Affairs, UNN