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Through the years

Through the years

Bursting with the energy that is found within every iconic idea, the University has consistently blossomed and grown over the ensuing years from just a seedling that began its baby steps with 220 obviously optimistic students, who were committed to the care of 13 staff members with a longing and a keen resolve to impart, impact and pioneer.

The growth continued in the personality of tremendous evolution in the course of a teenage session that broadly produced an enrolment total of 20,747 students in the 1995/96 calendar, who were beautifully chaperoned by a goodly staff of 1,213 personnel.

Consequently, we emerged into astute dominance with a student body that currently sits at a whooping excess of 36,000 students, with a healthy mix of Undergraduates, Post-graduates, Sub-degree and even Sandwich scholars. Even our workforce of some 1,700 senior administrative, senior technical and other ardently functional offices keep the academic motivation at the optimal high. This is the dream every noble resident aspires to, the same dream that the first Vice-Chancellor anticipated when he proclaimed -

"The founders of the University of Nigeria aimed at relating its activities to the social and economic needs and the day-to-day life of the people of Nigeria".